Where is this?

Amazon Jungle, Brazil

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  1. Florida Everglades

  2. Not in the US

  3. Pantanal, Brazil

  4. Not the Pantanal but thats very close

  5. I think you are wrong, I’ve seen the Everglades and that looks exactly like it. I stand by my answer.

  6. haha, trust me-I took the picture and its not FL

  7. Twin Brooks, Trumbull, CT
    haha, once i got caught in the muck there…iew

  8. Amazon prob not too far from Manuas and some piranhas waiting to bite into you.

  9. That is correct–it is the Amazon

  10. Twin Brooks is quite gross if I remember correctly

  11. Twin Brooks used to be nice when we were kids…before you mucked it up

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