Where is this Bridge?


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  1. Well, I have less than no idea, so let’s see….I’ll pick a big continent, and hope to get lucky…Australia.

  2. It is one of the most famous bridges in the world and yes it is in Australia, but that is a big country and I was looking for a specific place. Nice call yesterday by the way, still.

  3. It is the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

  4. Slovenia?

  5. Not sure where you came up with your guess and I corrected your spelling to Slovenia because Slovania is not a place, but no, Marcy was correct with her guess.

  6. Newcastle in England has a very similar (tho not nearly as big) bridge. You can see the silhouette on the label of a bottle of Newcastle Brown.

  7. Hey Trev, I like your site, Newcastle is one of the coolest cities in England and the beer is good too

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