Where is this Fantastic Watermelon Ad?

Sofia, Bulgaria

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  1. Keep in mind, I don’t know what this ad actually says as I don’t speak and don’t read this language but there are a lot of watermelons so I am going with that’s what it’s for!

  2. Greece

  3. Cyrillic could be Serbia

  4. It’s not Greece or Serbia, but right area

  5. Nice Melons!

  6. Hi Lee, this is Sofia in Bulgaria

  7. It is Sofia, Bulgaria and I still don’t know what it says

  8. 8 years later who have the answer – It says – Mastika “Peshtera” (kind of local ouzo, a summer alcohol that Bulgarians like to drink in summer and that is often accompanied by watermelons” – passion in crystals ­čÖé

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