Where is This Gorgeous Mountain Lake?

I am back from LA, albeit still on LA time, but here is today’s “Picture of the Day”. Please comment your guess as to where this mountain lake is and I will post the correct answer later. The correct answer is the Marguzor Lakes near Penjikent, Tajikistan. This was obviously a tough one and all were good guesses and great job Michael!

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  1. Nepal

  2. Looks like Switzerland but I have no idea.

  3. New Zealand

  4. I agree it’s gorgeous and my guess is also Switzerland.

  5. Kashmir, India

  6. Carmelo Sucks says

    I like this game but I have no idea where this is.

  7. South Island of New Zealand

  8. No clue…Austria?

  9. Looks like Tajikistan, but tough to identify lakes.

  10. Alberta, Canada

  11. Looks like somewhere dry and arid. I’ll take a wild guess and say the drive from Ethiopia to Somaliland.

  12. New Zealand or Austria

  13. Looks like BC or Banff area in Canada but I haven’t been that many places.

  14. As I said this was a tough one because many lakes look alike and the remote Marguzor Lakes in Tajikistan are not exactly on the usual tourist map. However, they are spectacular and I highly recommend them.

    Again, great job Michael-I figured you might get it because I know you have been there as we used the same tour company to set up the trip although it was separate trips.

  15. I only knew it b/c I had seen your trip report on Tajikistan — I never made it to that lake but I remember your trip report (and also noticed that you removed the photos from that trip report, so that was a good clue).

  16. That trip was the last trip I did where I didn’t do a bunch of pictures bc I wasn’t traveling with a laptop. I’ve actually been meaning to put them up and will sometime soon.

    The trip and Tajikistan was unbelievable though.

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