Where is this Harbor?

Kyrenia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

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  1. I was tempted to say Venice, but i think its Greece

  2. Not Greece but close

  3. Looks like somewhere in Italy

  4. Cyprus?

  5. It is on the island of Cyprus but it’s Kyrenia in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

  6. That’s clearly what I meant…didn’t realize I had to be super specific with the answer!

  7. Why would you go to the “Occupied Territory”? hahaha

  8. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is different than Cyprus Jess. Northern Cyprus is controlled by Turkey while Southern is controlled by Greece.

  9. Yep thats Kyrenia Harbour alright. I can even see the bar I used to hang out at (“Tolemane”) when I was there. Hmmm shame any mention of Cyprus has to bring up the obligatory “occupation” insults 🙁

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