Where is This Statue/Fountain?

Piccadilly Circus in Central London, UK

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  1. That I’ve seen — I think its in London, if I remember correctly. But, I’ve definitely seen it.

  2. Vegas?

  3. It is London right off Piccadilly Circus

  4. I love that statue…I’ve always admired it when I visit London

  5. If you enter the fountain, an alarm is set off and a loud automated voice warns you to get out.

  6. What’s up Jon, next time I’m in London I’ll test that out, haha

  7. It’s usually easier to try if you’ve had a couple of beers around the corner at the sports cafe first (or tiger tiger – your choice.)

  8. Haha, I know both establishments very well, especially Sports Cafe. When I was living in London I was there every Sunday to watch the NFL.

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