Where is This Stilt Village?

Please comment your guess as to the whereabouts of this unique and very cool stilt village. I will post the correct answer later today. Good luck! The correct answer is Ganvie, Benin on Lake Nokoue. Easily the best (and only) tourist attraction in Benin and a nice way to spend an afternoon exploring by dugout canoe before heading to neighboring Togo or Nigeria.

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  1. Senegal?

  2. Nigeria

  3. Ghana

  4. I have no idea but it looks like Africa based on the people in the picture so I will guess the Democratic Republic of the Congo…or the other Congo!

  5. Mozambique

  6. Christopher says

    Everyone seems to be guessing Africa so I will be different and guess the Caribbean, maybe Haiti or the Dominican Republic.

  7. No idea…Somalia?

  8. Ganvie, Benin

  9. Sierra Leone? Somewhere over there!

  10. Guadeloupe!

  11. Lake Nokoue? Benin.

  12. I’m with Ryan on this. It’s Ganvie village in Benin.

  13. Elizabeth says

    It is definitely Benin

  14. Well done Ryan, Beth, Cyba and Elizabeth and good guesses to everyone else.

    I spent an afternoon at Ganvie in January 2009 en route from Togo to Nigeria via Benin. Benin was actually the 200th country I had been to just over two years ago and the ending of a great 6 week West African adventure. To this day, that may still be all time favorite trip because it was a true epic trip with hardships and logistics that will defy the imagination.

    West Africa is wild and traveling throughout the whole of it was a real challenge. I miss it out there and hope to return sometime…maybe not to Nigeria though!

  15. Missed my chance today….would not have gotten it correct

  16. Ganvié the only tourist attraction in Benin?
    You definitely missed out on a few, Lee!

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