Where is this Untouched Pacific Paradise?

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and the awesome Masters tournament (if you like golf). Where is this unreal and unspoiled white sand beach that has essentially been untouched for decades. Please comment your guesses and I will post the correct answer later in the day. Good luck! It is on Midway Island. The former US WWII military installation and current nature reserve is rarely visited by anyone except for the national park service. I was very lucky to have been able to get there and I hope to do the same thing in December to Wake Island.

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  1. It was a great Masters with a very unexpected winner and I guess the Solomon Islands. That is an amazing looking beach by the way.

  2. OMG I would like to be there right now, I don’t care where it is!!!!

  3. Fiji…one of the remote islands

  4. That is the nicest beach I have ever seen! I want to be there right now and not in my office! Wherever it is, I am on the next plane there LOL!

  5. Philippines

  6. Your pictures kill me…Tahiti

  7. Trying finding a picture with less identifying marks next time. I’ll guess Wallis and Futuna.

  8. Cook Islands

  9. I’m guessing the Maldives.

  10. Hawaii

  11. Zanzibar

  12. Midway!

  13. Tonga

  14. phillippines

  15. Good guesses to all and Ryan nice job. Such a cool place to see and be a part of the commemoration service they had last June.

  16. I should have read the title of the photo first:-)

  17. its just simply breath taking!

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