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I feel as if there are a lot of things going on right now that I want to write about but nothing in particular. Therefore, I will just be mentioning totally random bits about lots of different things that are or have been on my mind in the last few days. From liberation in Egypt to Charlie Sheen saying to America that it’s OK to use crack. From some band who I have never heard of winning album of the year at the Grammy’s to Silvio Berlusconi about to be put on trial for sex with an underage prostitute. From Lady Gaga arriving at those same Grammy’s in an egg to a computer competing with and beating the greatest ever Jeopardy champions, it has been a wacky last few days. Thankfully the Champions League knockout round starts today!

It was an amazing thing to watch on television. I happened to be watching CNN at the exact time that Mubarak resigned and Egypt achieved its goal of liberation. But is it really liberation from tyranny? I don’t know, I hope so and I hope they can get it right and don’t just squabble over the scraps as nations tend to do. Regardless of what happens, it was an extraordinary moment where a peaceful and unprovoked demonstration caused change the way it did. I also think it’s amazing the role that Facebook and Twitter played in the revolution. It is a remarkable story.

The Grammy’s
I watched about half of the Grammy’s Sunday night. I love the Oscar’s but don’t usually watch the Grammy’s and here’s why. I didn’t know who anybody was. Who was this Lady Anta something who won almost every award for a country song that I feel like came out 3 years ago? Who was this random band that I can’t remember the name who won the album of the year and how did Lady Anta whatever not win after she won everything else; and who were those three guys always with her thanking everyone if the band is called Lady something.

Speaking of Ladies, Lady Gaga is very strange and arrived via an egg. Her performance was odd but I guess that was expected. Why doesn’t Eminem smile even when he won? Why did Rhianna perform like seven times and what’s up with those ugly ass tattoos she has written all over her? Why did Puff Daddy install a grill on his bottom teeth or did he always have that? Barbara Streisand is a bad lip syncer and Bob Dylan is really old. Mick Jagger still rocks although his head to body size is enormous. I actually met him once about 10 years ago in London and thought the same thing.

Champions League
Today starts it off with two matches including Tottenham taking on AC Milan and tomorrow is the big one between my two favorite teams again, Arsenal and Barcelona. I am very excited to see what happens in this first round and as we move further along in the competition which really may be the best competition on Earth for sports, aside from the NCAA basketball tournament. Hopefully Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United will all lose first round as well!

Silvio Berlusconi
So old Silvio is being charged with statutory rape or whatever the equivalent in Italy is for having sex orgies with underage hookers. He denies but is there really any doubt that this wacky guy did it. Who cares I agree but it’s just funny that this man with the largest ego in history is constantly berated by the media, which he basically controls in Italy. Silvio, why don’t you just resign from office and enjoy your billions, it’s not like you do anything anyway and how many scandals can one man go through, it’s like the reincarnation of Bill Clinton but way worse and much older and tanner.

Charlie Sheen
I don’t know much about what he did to go into rehab this time but I know about his crazy drug issues, bad marriages and Heidi Fleiss hooker fetishes. I just heard on CNN Morning that he said in an interview that it’s OK to do crack if you know what you’re doing. Comical because isn’t this coming from the guy who spent some $50,000 on porn stars, blow and whatever other drugs he was ingesting on some 36 hour bender a few weeks ago. Charlie has been pretty awesome or at least entertaining through the years though and that show he does on CBS is pretty funny but dude, get with it!
If you love the show Jeopardy as I do, then this staged exhibition between Jeopardy’s two greatest ever champions and an IBM computer named Watson has got to piss you off a little. I mean, it has to be unfair because the robot computer always is faster on the button than the humans. It clearly doesn’t take into account the split second it takes humans to process info and the brainpower it takes to make us click the button. That said, it is fun as well to see and amazing to think IBM designed something so smart. Pretty soon machines will dominate everything as they do Chess and now Jeopardy.
The US Budget and Politics
Big news in the States lately has been about Obama’s new budget to help trim the national debt and kick start the economy again. He apparently reduced or eliminated many programs that were useless or underused. That’s fine and all and I don’t pretend to have read the thing but what annoys me is that nobody is ever happy. Conservatives think he didn’t go far enough. I mean how far can the guy go, he cut a trillion dollars or something ridiculous like that. Liberals think it’s an assault on the poor because it eliminates some programs that nobody uses. It doesn’t do much against Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security and people are up in arms. It is amazing to me how everyone hates everything but nobody knows a better alternative to anything.

Also why is it that the Republicans always have to have a rebuttal to everything that Obama does? I mean cut the guy some slack, it’s not like he started a war for no reason and is responsible for countless thousands of deaths, he seems to really be trying but everything is a constant fight and as the economy turns around he will look much better. I don’t care if it were a Democrat or Republican President, I hate both parties but I just can’t stand that everything that any President does is so heavily criticized from both sides. Although there is no longer just right and left, there is far right and left, center, left center, right center, tea party and all this other crap. Why can’t 10 people just run for President that are good candidates, have campaign contributions not be an issue and just elect someone. A pipe dream obviously and probably an ignorant statement but I am just so tired of hearing about politics and all that goes with it.

That won’t work of course because we are about to be bombarded with 2012 election stuff starting ASAP. The problem for the current Republican haters is that they better get used to Obama because there isn’t anyone who will beat him in 2012. Great, that just means I have to hear this awful Boehner guy yapping for the next few years about how he hates everything while he sits around tanning, crying and playing golf.

OK that’s it for now I think although I am sure I will think of more crap to yap about as soon as I publish this but whatever.

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  1. Absolutely awesome.

  2. I am totally cracking up. Were you just up in the middle of the night, couldn’t sleep and just wrote this?!

  3. HAHAHA…It’s funny with the Grammy’s I noticed the exact same thing with Puffy’s new ridiculous grill and Eminem’s seemingly totally unhappy demeanor and some say after he gave up drugs and alcohol — for which obviously his album that he won on “Recovery” is based — he’s become bitter and angry and is not fun to be around. With Dylan, his performance was similar to listening to some old man clear his throat in a microphone for three minutes.

    Sheen, that guy has seemingly hit so many “rock bottoms’ that you wonder if he even has one. I remember several years ago reading a Playboy magazine interview with him, and him never being one to skip a question or hide the truth, admitted that he and a friend would often go on what they called “World Sex Tours” to random places around the world. This time they chose Amsterdam and had a goal in one night to hit different sides of the Red Light District canal and ‘bag’ 10 women each, as if it was game. (http://www.flixster.com/actor/charlie-sheen/charlie-sheen-playboy-interview). His life makes for an entertaining read, but must really be it’s own nightmare because he obviously has a void no money in the world is able to fill.

    Good rants.

  4. The Jeopardy game was ridiculous to watch and also too slow. There was too much Watson info during the show that I lost interest.

  5. Thanks Denise, Jemma thats a pretty accurate statement and Ryan thats great about Dylan clearing his throat. That’s why they gave him so many back up singers and others people all around him to take the focus off his voice issues. Jeff I agree it was slow but it was fascinating you must admit and I am looking forward ti seeing it again tonight.

  6. LOL, too funny about the Grammy’s!

  7. Tonights Jeopardy was even worse than last nights…the players didn’t have a chance to buzz in.

  8. I hope Watson won’t become a regular on Jeopardy….It will take all the fun out of it.Or maybe they should do a special episode with all the competitors being computers.That would be entertaining.

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