I am not much for shows, Broadway or not, but recently I checked out the Argentinian show Fuerzabruta from the creators of the previous hit De La Guarda. It was awesome. It was actually perfect. It was only an hour long. It was really fun, cool and there was no talking. You and the rest of the audience stand the whole time and are in awe as the acrobatic actors fly around or slip and slide above you. There was no break, fun-upbeat music and really good acting. It was really enjoyable and it was a real party atmosphere.

Normally, I would never give my opinion on a show because more often than not I would be bored and/or just wouldn’t like it. However, much like Blue Man Group, O and De La Guarda-Fuerzabruta was really awesome and a great way to spend an hour.

The story of the show is a mystery too and is fun to debate after you get out of the show. The DJ plays great tunes and the whole crowd starts jumping and dancing at times. You can totally see the Latin American influence and the brilliance of the show is second only to the great acting, props and scenery.

I won’t even try to explain what the show was about because any two people who see it may not agree on what happens but if you are in New York or anywhere else that may get the show-check it out. Here is the website. By the way, you will get wet so wear casual clothes and sneakers.

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  1. I’ve seen the show…it’s an amazing experience and I thought much better than De la Guarda

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