Losing Your Cell Phone

Do you remember what it was like before cell phones, texting, camera, emails and the Internet right in the palm of your hand. I certainly don’t or at least I certainly don’t miss the days of using pay phones or calling your answering machine to check messages while you were out, etc. However, last night I somehow lost my cell phone. I knew that there was no even slight chance for someone to return it, so I decided to search for cell phone plans and found a good listing. It’s amazing what an annoying mini crisis that can turn into because you can’t get in touch with anybody and nobody can get in touch with you.

Think about it…how many peoples numbers do you actually know? I know very few anymore. I still remember numbers from when I was a little kid but I don’t even know my best friends’ numbers by heart now. It’s very strange but it’s because you never actually dial the number anymore. You just find their name and click send or maybe they are on your speed dial or something like that.

When you text, the number never appears, it’s only the persons name so you never get familiar with the numbers. I realize what I am saying is pretty obvious and elementary but you never really think about it until you are basically rendered helpless without your lifeline which is in fact your cell phone. Most people such as myself don’t even have a land line. I haven’t had a land line since my sophomore year in college. There is really no reason for one and seems to be just a waste of money. Obviously, if you live in suburbia or have a family then I can understand why you would but for myself and most people I know, there is no reason for it (except if you don’t get cell reception in your apartment in Manhattan).

The worst part is of course trying to recoup all of your numbers. You have to send out a stupid mass email to ask people to please send you their numbers obviously admitting that you did something stupid like lose your cell phone. Of course there are some numbers that you’ll never see again for people you haven’t spoken to in a long time and you may not have their email address. But I guess in some ways it’s good because you can clean out the dead weight from your phone and make your phone roster more manageable. I guess thats how you have to look at it because otherwise it would just be really annoying.

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  1. I lost my mobile last year. It was a gutwrenching fiasco. I know how you feel.

  2. Thanks for throwing in “except if you don’t get cell reception in your apartment in Manhattan” cause that is my case and a land line is a savior…but i agree, i know no ones phone number, i have to look at the number on my cell before using my land line.

    Do you remember beepers? how crazy were those things.

  3. Beepers were the lamest things. I never had one, I bet Ham did though…

  4. beepers were stupid-it was only the wannabe ghetto types that had them in my middle school. I would lose my mind if I lost my cell.

  5. I lost my cell in a cab once, luckily enough some kid from Yonkers found it and met me later that day to return it.

  6. Once every six months or so another Chicago cab drives off with my lifeline. Luckily I have friends who know I’m half retarded and will eventually call if I’ve gone off the map for awhile.

  7. if you have verizon they have a backup assistant that stores your numbers on their website, and can update as often as once a day. i think it costs about $4, well worth it.

  8. Thanks James, unfortunately I have Sprint but did manage to recover most numbers except for some dead weight. Hope to see you at the next card game, Ham says he’ll crush you…

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