My Appearance on Your World with Neil Cavuto

Here is my appearance last week on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ on Fox News. I didn’t get an official clip so I just recorded it with my phone from the TV so the sound isn’t great but you can definitely hear. I had a blast on the show and want to thank Neil again for the hand written thank you letter he sent me for appearing!

Your World with Neil Cavuto, Cavuto, Lee Abbamonte, Fox News.

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  1. Awesome! you did good!

  2. Great job Lee! Is it just me or did he end that awkwardly?

  3. Great job buddy!

  4. Great job Lee!

  5. How did you end up on that show? Was he a nice guy?

  6. So cool.

  7. Well done Mr. Lee

  8. Nice little clip, a bit of time on TV is always nice addition to a week in a travelers life. Cheers.

  9. Singapore Airlines must love you fo saying that

  10. Lee, this is great…so happy for you!

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