My Latest Appearance on Cavuto

I was asked to go on Your World with Neil Cavuto for the second time to discuss the recent shooting death of an Australian college student and baseball player named Christopher Lane. The senseless shooting death occurred randomly and nonsensically in an affluent neighborhood in Oklahoma. Three boys are being held for the murder and face charges. The generally accepted motive was simply that the kids were bored and looking for someone to kill.
Christopher Lane, Australia
This, as you can imagine has sparked outrage all over the country, the world and certainly in Australia. Australia is a country that has very few gun related deaths per year and is generally considered one of the safest countries in the world.

In fact, if you ask me my favorite country, I will usually answer Australia and back it up by saying that Aussie people are the nicest I’ve ever met. It is with that spirit of the people that makes this story so awful. Christopher Lane was doing nothing but taking a jog-not bothering anyone.

This unconscionable shooting has resulted in calls from high levels of Australian government to boycott travel to the United States. These calls have been backed up with hard data showing the probably of shooting deaths in America versus Australia, etc.

The bottom line is, the Aussies are shocked, appalled and outraged and it has made the US gun problem a reality in Australia. It has also brought up the issue of gun control and gun violence in the United States again but this time on a global scale. (Please excuse the poor quality of sound and video)

Senseless acts like these, where kids illegally obtain guns and kill people, call to question so many issues. Gun control has been front and center for years now with all our school shootings and other assorted violent episodes that play out in the media. Something has to be done.

I feel as though most people sensible feel this way, but as we know, this country is not made up of all sensible people. That said, I was eager to discuss how incidents like these make the US look to the rest of the world and try to put it into perspective from other countries’ points of view as best I could.

It was also nice to point out live on Fox News that something has to be done about gun control and that other countries do things about it-whereas we (America) do not.
Steve Forbes, Lee Abbamonte, Fox News, Cavuto
On a side note, I met former Presidential Candidate, billionaire and chairman of Forbes, Steve Forbes, in the green room at Fox News. He did the segment before me on Cavuto. Steve was a super nice guy and it was a true pleasure to meet him.

NOTE: I am supposed to receive a regular file of the interview in a few days but I wanted to put this up as it is relevant now. I apologize for the poor sound and video quality. I will replace this with the proper one when I receive it.

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  1. Lee, I’m glad to see someone talking some sense about gun control on Fox News. Having worked overseas for over ten years and spending at least a few months each year traveling internationally during my time off, it’s embarrassing as an American every time that one of these shooting incidents pop up. People from other countries just don’t understand America’s obsession with guns, and frankly, neither do I. It’s a shame that Christopher Lane had to be a victim of America’s worst trait.

  2. Thanks Ryan…I couldn’t agree more

  3. I can’t believe you said that about Australia and Canada doing something about gun control and America not on Fox News and he didn’t jump down your throat! Great job, very entertaining, and you look great!

  4. Thanks Jen…it is true and an obvious comment there…was thrilled he asked the question in a way where I could talk about that.

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