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I am exhausted today and can’t really think of anything good travel related to write about so I thought I would share a bunch of things on my mind, some funny, some serious and some having nothing to do with anything.

I can’t wait for the Pennsylvania Primary to be over tomorrow with the slim chance of this nightmarish nomination process being over. I mean is there any American who isn’t tired of all the Hillary/Obama stuff going on constantly and there is still 6 months to go before the election. It’s enough to make you want to move to Canada-well maybe not that bad!

I was chatting with a fellow TCC member and was asking him about Central Asia, doing reserach for a possible trip there this summer and whether he could recommend an agency because the planning and visas there are so complicated. He recommended a very reputable travel agency to me at this website. Certainly looks inviting-doesn’t it! I love how they include their pictures. Most travel agents that I have dealt with here in the States don’t look anything like this and are old men or angry women.

Roger Federer finally won his first tournament of the year yesterday in Estoril, Portugal right before the first clay Masters Series event this year in Monte Carlo. It was nice that he finally got a win althought Davydenko had to retire in the second set up a break so who knows what would’ve happened. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with The Mighty Fed as he continues on his quest to stay number one and win more grand slams.

The Champions League gets started again this week and I am really excited for the matchups. Manchester United and Barcelona in the first semifinal and Liverpool and Chelsea in the second. If I could have my way it’d be Barca and Liverpool but we’ll see what happens. As long as neither ManU or Chelsea win I’ll be happy.

I don’t know how many of you watch ESPN or saw the Miguel Tejada sandbagging interview that ESPN did when they went to the Dominican republic to get his real birth certifiate in order to prove he has been lying about his age. They then put him on camera and asked how old he was-setting up for the lie on camera and then producing the evidence to show they knew he was lying on national TV. This was disgraceful by ESPN. I am not a Tejada fan at all and in fact I don’t even like him but this was irresponsible journalism and ESPN should be ashamed of themselves. I mean big shocker, a Latin player lies about his age-like we all didn’t know that happened like 20 years ago. If I was them-growing up in poverty and only having one shot to make it-I would lie too to get signed and to get more money. So the bottom line is he’s 33 and not 31-big deal and ESPN made him look like an idiot for no real reason-much like steroids-nothing will happen because of it.

So I had the brilliant cable guy come this weekend to install a wireless modem for my new laptop. He installed it but then messed up the reception for the non HD channels. He couldn’t figure out what the problem was so he wanted to call base at Time Warner Cable. Of course he didn’t have a cell or a walkie talkie so he asked to use my cell. Obviously I let him and after he was on it for like 45 minutes he decided that he needed new equipment that he didn’t have in his truck so he would come back Monday morning-today. He never showed up but magically the channels are back. Did I also mention that he used my bathroom for like 20 minutes. Needless to say I may be shortly switching to Direct TV, especially before football season.

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  1. is that a hippo butt?

  2. That tejada thing was such a joke, I almost felt bad for the guy…ESPN does look terrible for it

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