Shaq Freestyling

I am almost embarrassed to be writing about this and I know it’s kind of random but I can no longer take hearing about and seeing the video and the reactions from people. For those of you who may not have heard or seen Shaquille O’Neal’s (NBA basketball player for Phoenix Suns) freestyle rap tirade the other night where he basically makes fun of Kobe Bryant (NBA basketball player for Los Angles Lakers), it was a dispicable display of low class behavior played out all over the Internet. Shaq basically makes fun of everything that he possibly could about Kobe when he is not even there and for really no reason. But that isn’t what bothers me.

What bothers me is all this reaction from everyone about how Shaq is just a goofball and was just freestyling trying to get the crowd hyped up. What is this freestyling? I mean seriously, so if you are freestyling you can just make fun of anyone and its OK. All is to be forgiven because you are freestyling. Aside from the fact that Shaq is a terrible rapper to begin with and it’s not like I even like rap or am an expert but I know whats good and whats god awful.

So I just read a press clip where Snoop Dogg, someone named Nas and someone named Cory Gunz come to Shaq’s defense saying that it was all good because he was just freestyling. Well since Cory Gunz say it’s cool-now I am fine with it! Come on people!

For those of you who don’t know, Shaq and Kobe had a much publicized bad relationship when they were teamates with the Lakers which eventually led to the breakup of their championship caliber team. Now Shaq is continuing to take jabs at Kobe whenever he can and hides behind the fact that people think he’s funny and that he was just freestyling.

I also love how people like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who I can’t stand, come to his defense saying that it was just freestyling and that it shouldn’t be taken out of context. Shaq actually said in his rap, “Kobe, how’s my @ss taste” or something like that-they always bleep it out when they play it. I am just baffled how people can defend this type of behavior.

The best thing is that some little town in Arizona that gave Shaq an honorary deputy badge, revoked his badge saying that he was no longer a good example to children. As if he ever was before?

What a country we live in where this crap goes on. I don’t like Shaq and I don’t really care about Kobe although I think he is the best player I have seen besides Michael Jordan. But regardless, I don’t know where Shaq after everything was squashed would just come up with this rant and publicly defile Kobe like that. I do however, love the fact that Kobe has had no public response taking the high road. Good for him.

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  1. Now thats a nice rant. It\’s ridiculous, I dont care either way, they are both idiots. At least that was taking some press off of Imus\’ recent dumbass comment.

  2. Thats funny and I couldnt agree more except that I hate them both. It will also be a sad day if I ever live in a world where someone with the last name Gunz controls my feelings about something

  3. what is a Nas? he also made fun of Ewing and Kareem in that stupid fiasco

  4. Shaq is 100% pure class…

  5. Nas is another rapper. He is married to Kelis, the female rapper/singer who did the song “milkshake.” For their wedding they each wore matching gold grills–awwwwwwww. I tried to find this romantic photo, but with no such luck. It would’ve explained a lot.

  6. Matching gold grills? I assume grills mean the fake gold teeth thingies, which are oh so classy and for the life of me I can’t figure out a reason that one would wear them. Only in America.

  7. grills and associated stupidity are the potential downfall of our country and society in general…they unbalanced the equilibrium of the world in the wrong direction

  8. Just saw Shaq on the beach at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman — he seemed very nice and engaging, spending time with all the children drawn to speak to him.

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