The Sopranos Finale

This has nothing to do with travel but I need to voice my opinion over what happened and certainly what didn’t happen in the end of the alleged best series in TV history.

After the second season of the Sopranos, all of the seasons were marginable at best to just plain bad. The series finale had a lot of buildup with a ton of storylines that could never possibly be finished. As it turned out, the finale was in a word DREADFUL.

Nothing happened. Nothing was really solved. Phil was whacked but who really cared about Phil anyway and it was predictable. Why was AJ such a big part of the finale, he means nothing to the story and the way they ended things with all of the characters was just plain lame. I am so disappointed. I just finished watching the show and I can’t even really put into words how disappointing the finale was. Last weeks episode was a lot of fun to watch although it ended abruptly and with a lot of questions…you’d figure the finale would help explain a lot of things.

The problem with this show over the past few years was exemplified in the finale. They have a lot of storylines with a lot of unrelated parts that mean nothing to the bottom line of the show. The show is supposed to be about Tony and his struggles with the business and his family. They have gone off of that with stupid storylines that discuss politics and current events and its almost as though Chase (the creator) is trying to push his views on everyone else-basically using the shows popularity to exemplify his own political views. By doing so he has lost the heart of his audience. As a member of the shows the target demographic; I hated the past three or four seasons. The finale was anticlimactic and not worth the buildup and the excitement that all Sopranos fans have felt all week.

How can a show like this have so many subplot storylines, none of which ever came together into a climax. How can it just end the way it did…the screen going silent and nothing really happening. The stage was set, the players were on the field and then they cancelled the game.

Obviously, it leaves the door open for something in the future like a movie or a come back show or whatever, but really…is there any real Sopranos fan that isn’t absolutely disgusted with the way this show ended. If they are telling the truth and there is no more Sopranos, then I will go on record as saying this is the worst finale to a show I have ever seen. It’s even worse than the Seinfeld finale which was awful too.

I don’t even know what to say. I am really annoyed at the show and thank god I am going away next week otherwise I may have serious problems getting over how awful the show turned out to be after all the hype, especially here in New York.

To quote my friend Dennis who called me immediately after to voice his displeasure, “I am never watching anything on HBO again.”

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  1. I couldn\’t agree more. My mouth is still hanging open…Where are you going next week? I would like special mention in an article. I don\’t see why dennis gets to be in one… 😉

  2. A series finale should have everything come together at the end or at least a few things. Nothing came together here. This was just another average episode. Whomever wrote this should be fired.

  3. Morocco, etc. Had you called flabbergasted, I would’ve quoted you Buxton.

  4. Sopranos has sucked for years now-I didn’t even watch it

  5. After a day of talking to people about the show last night and reading the papers and listening to the radio pundits…at least I know that I am not alone, everybody hated it and is pissed. The simple fact is that the fan who has supported this show through 8 years of ups and downs and has been treated to crap the past few seasons, was completely abused last night by the finale. There is no closure and Chase basically is laughing all the way to the bank while leaving it open for them to revive the show if they want to at some point in the future. What a joke and I am pissed about it still. I just heard a good description of it…it was like reading a great mystery and then getting to the last page and realize the page has been pulled out and you’ll never get another copy of the book to read the ending. That sucks. Shame on David Chase and HBO for mistreating their loyal audience who has made them rich and famous.

  6. I agree with HCP, after the first season Sopranos has been horrible

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