European Soccer Roundup

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately but I have been sidelined with bronchitis which is probably the worst thing to be sick with. However, I realized I haven’t said anything about soccer/football since the new season has started and just wanted to catch up a little bit around Europe. As the EPL heads into the big weekend where Arsenal hosts Manchester United (I am very jealous because my friend Mike somehow got tickets through his German girlfriend) in a crucial early season clash where both teams are barely in the top 4 and Arsenal has had a number of awful losses and draws this season. The Gunners need this win and generally do beat Manchester United at home in the Premiership. Hopefully, this trend continues.

In general around Europe the usual suspects are generally at the top of their respective divisions with a notable exception of AC Milan leading Serie A and Inter being only third. Ronaldinho has clearly settled in with the Rossonieri as he helped them in their latest UEFA Cup victory. Barcelona leads La Liga but Real Madrid is a few points behind as they aim for their third straight title, which would be a travesty!

Additionally, FIFA released their short list of 30 men for the player of the year award. I don’t see what’s so short about the list when half the decent players in Europe are named. Additionally I think it was five Chelsea guys and six Spain players were named in the list. I mean you have to be kidding me. My favorite is John Terry from Chelsea was named when he missed the Champions League winning penalty kick against ManU. I mean come on-there are only three legitimate candidates out there for the award for 2008; Ronaldo who will win, Fernando Torres and David Villa. Anyone else should not be on the list and it’s silly.

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  1. i would like to contribute some soccerism to the post, but i only played a little varsity in HS and then basically bailed from the scene until i lived in london for a short time and was forced to watch and enjoyed the arsenal on the tele in the bars. besides that, i cannot believe any american actually knows this much about futbol with the exception of my next door neighbor vinny who is 84 and a full blown italian with the accent from italy and talks about the great italian teams from the 40s and 50s and wrote a letter to the italian government that they should play offense with 5 fowards.

  2. Excellent call Lee! The Gunners did defeat the Red Devils and we are back in the race!

  3. I’m sure the Italian Government welcomed your suggestion with open arms as Italians love suggestions from random people. Stick to tennis kid!

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