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I haven’t written much about sports lately, except for the pointless Olympics that start tomorrow, because I’ve been away and really busy lately but I have some things that are driving me nuts in the world of sports and they need to be said. I almost hate to give it more coverage than it already has, but this Brett Favre fiasco has reached its boiling point with me. It’s not only that he’s a jerk, selfish and super annoying but the fact that he has had these tearful press conferences each of the last three years, where he can’t decide if he’s going to retire of not. He’ll say that he wants to spend more time with his family or dog or driving his tractor or whatever the hell he does in Mississippi, and then he drags it out as if anyone really cares outside of Green Bay. But that’s not the worst of it.

The worst of it is twofold. First, those fans in Green Bay live and die for that team. They love him like a member of their family and there has been a tremendous amount of success over the years there with Brett at the helm. However, the complete disloyalty he has shown the fans, the people that supported him through all his struggles and early failures, since this whole stupid thing has started is shocking. Remember that Favre is an accumulator in his statistics, he has only won one Superbowl and is not the best quarterback ever. I realize he is the all time passing leader in several categories but he is also the all time leader in Interceptions and watching him over the years, he has had many failures and bad games as well. But somehow he is portrayed as this mythical figure and profiled on ESPN as a god until the cows come home which leads me to my second point.

The sports media, especially ESPN has become too powerful and influential in society today. As a result of the network wanting to get exclusive interviews with Favre and other spoiled brat superstars-they kiss his ass to no end. They send guys like Chris Mortensen and other so called experts to chat with Brett and listen to his trials and tribulations of how hard it is to retire and not accept a $25 million package to stay retired. (Think about that by the way…if someone offered you $25 million to retire-would you take it? Of course you would-who wouldn’t? Only a spoiled multi zillionaire athlete who is too stupid, selfish and sensitive to just retire. He feels that the Packers hurt his precious feelings and he wants to stick it to them which is why initially he only wanted to be traded within the division-ahhhh! He drives me nuts!)

Getting back in context, these ESPN reporters do nothing but perpetuate this madness and only report pro the athlete stories. Mortensen will never come out and say that Favre is being a jerk and deserves to get stuck out in the cold because he doesn’t want to be denied the next interview if Favre’s precious feelings were hurt. This is maddening to me and I can’t deal with how ESPN kisses these guys butts. Additionally, ESPN is so powerful and really the only sports network and even website that most people actually look at so we are all forced to go along for the ride. And this Favre ride is the worst I have ever seen. It’s worse the Barbaro, it’s worse than steroids, OJ Simpson, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, the stupid Tour de France scandals and anything else really annoying that I can’t think of right now.

In conclusion about this stupid situation, I am actually glad that Favre ended up with the Jets so he goes to a perpetually losing organization with no real offensive threats and a relentless unforgiving media. He made his own bed and now he’ll sleep in it. I guarantee you this will end poorly with the media scrutiny getting too much for this country boy to handle and he will yearn for the good old days in Green Bay where he could do no wrong. You must realize that this is New York City where people and the media cheer and admire success but root for failure.

I really didn’t want to go too long on Favre so as not to give him any more exposure but that had to be said. Quickly, several other things should be pointed out.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Portuguese midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo has finally admitted he will be returning to Manchester United after an entire summer of specualtion about his impending transfer to Real Madrid. Talk about jerks-this guy is as bad as anyone and I hope he gets what he deserves and the supporters at Old Trafford boo the hell out of him and then like many other “Galacticos” (ie Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Owen) before him-he goes to Real Madrid and wins nothing in Europe.

Back stateside, the PGA Championship starts today…do you care? I don’t because Tiger Woods isn’t playing. With him out right now it makes you remember what golf was like before he showed up-BORING! So no matter who wins this weekend, nobody will care and it will always be the PGA Championship that Tiger didn’t play in.

How are the Tampa Bay Rays still in first place?

How many injuries can the Yankees possibly have?

I can’t believe how poorly Roger Federer has played this summer.

Did I mention that the Olympics start tomorrow and nobody cares?

I think that’s it for now!

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  1. John Graham says

    Wow, tell us how you really feel! I am just glad the Favre thing is over. I live in Chicago and am glad he’s not a Bear and I won’t have to hear all about it constantly.

  2. I couldn’t agree more man, you should work for ESPN instead of these jokers they have who just kiss butt. I couldn’t have said it better and favre will get what he deserves. I lost all respect for that guy.

  3. since Morroni has yet to post this, I will post on his behalf… J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!!

  4. I hate Favre and I dont know who Ronaldo is but I hate him too.

  5. Favre is going to join a long list of NFL players who dont know when to retire and move to a bad team instead of going out on top….Montana, Unitas, Thurman Thomas, Emmitt, OJ, Earl Campbell, Dickerson, Dorrset, Franco Harris, etc…heres to an early injury after throwing 10INTs in 3 games

  6. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, thanks jakey. i agree he’s annoying but hey he’s an upgrade over chad.

  7. Hooray Rays!! I am on the bandwagon. We here down in Trampa love it! ­čÖé

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