Roger Federer The Great

What a championship! Todays Wimbledon mens singles final was the best grand slam final that I can remember. It also happened to be between far and away the two best players in the world playing at the top of their game. It was what sports fans dream about, not just tennis fans. Both Federer and Rafael Nadal were awesome and both deserved to win, but in the end, it was the great Federer defending his home turf and equalling Bjorn Borg’s record 5 straight Wimbledon titles. He also won his 11th grand slam, placing him 3 back of Pete Sampras’ record 14.

This back and forth match produced some of the best tennis that I have ever seen. Both great champions pulling out all of the stops and leaving it all on the court. It’s no different than a great heavyweight title fight or a major sports championship game between the two best teams. These guys deserve all the accolaids they receive and in my opinion Roger Federer has cemented his claim to being the best player of all time.

Critics will say that because he hasn’t won the French yet, which I believe he will next year, he cannot be called the best ever. The simple fact is that he has been a two time finalist at Roland Garros, a semifinalist and a quarterfinalist once each as well. Pete Sampras never made it past the semis and he only made the semis once. Roger has only lost to Nadal, perhaps the best clay court player ever, or at least since Borg.

These cynics are forgetting that Roger has now won 11 majors: 3 Australian Opens, now 5 Wimbledons and he will be trying for his 4th US Open next month. He is the only man to win 3 grand slams three times. In addition, he has made 9 consecutive grand slam finals, thats 9 straight finals. Not to mention he has been number one in the world for over 3 straight years and counting. He has little chance of being overthrown barring injuries and he also cleans up in the Masters Cup events as well. To me, it’s a no brainer.

People can argue that until he wins Roland Garros he can’t be the best all they want, but if you watch the matches and know the players, then I don’t see how you can argue against Roger being the best ever. Borg was great but retired way too early and only won the French and Wimbledon, granted he only played once in Australia but still he never won in New York either.

Rod Laver is the one that makes the best argument to me because he won the grand slam twice but still and it is difficult to compare eras but the way Federer has dominated his peers is unlike anyone in any era.

Also keep in mind Federer will turn 26 this summer so he still has several years left in him as well. Agassi was winning majors into his 30’s and Federer is better than Agassi ever was. The only thing that can stop him in my opinion is injuries or the emergence of someone like Novak Djokovic, and overall surface improvement by Nadal or an up and comer, we shall see.

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  1. Carragher says

    I normally don’t like tennis but this match was excellent

  2. I love seeing Federer cry like a baby after he wins, but this time wasn’t as bad as previous wins. what a shame!

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