Ronaldhino to Milan?

It is rumored that the former two time world player of the year for FC Barcelona and Brazil, Ronaldinho, could be leaving the Catalans for AC Milan. Inter Milan also seems to think they have a shot at signing the ailing, aging and struggling superstar, but Ronaldinho’s brother and agent says that AC Milan has the upper hand in signing him at year end.

When motivated and healthy, Ronaldinho is the best player I have ever seen and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live and watching the way the Barcelona crowd responds to him. It is amazing. He has been so good in fact that he got a standing ovation from the supporters of hated rivals Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu a few years ago.

This season has been tough for Ronaldinho as he hasn’t been healthy and has seemingly lost his form. Also, media reports of his late night partying continue to plague him. Barcelona currently sit second in La Liga and don’t look like much of a threat to Real Madrid for the title. However, they are in the Champions League semis against Manchester United so the season certainly isn’t lost.

I don’t understand why he would go to AC Milan. He could certainly make a fortune wherever he goes, but Milan are an aging team who may not even qualify for next years Champions League. Additionally, last years world player of the year and Brazilian National Team teammate Kaka is rumored to be leaving the Rossoneri for Real Madrid. The core of the team is in their mid thirties and this season has not been good. I just don’t see why he would go to AC Milan.

I could understand why he would want to head to Inter to play alongside Ibrahimovic and a young group of talented players who could use his experience to help them get over their European hump. They have dominated Serie A the last few years and it just seems like a better fit. I think this may also be a ploy to up the bid from a club like Chelsea, who have also been rumored to want Ronaldhino.

I guess we will see what happens but it just doesn’t make sense to me that he would go to Milan as it seems they are on the downside and will need to rebuild.

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  1. Ronny has been out of favour with Barca for some time now. I reckon he will end up playing here in the Premiership sometime soon, even if not next season.

  2. he wants to go to milan because playing with all those old guys he will appear faster and it won’t be obvious he has lost a step.

  3. he blew his legacy at the world cup when he did nothing

  4. He will end up like Ronaldo-fat and injured in Milan

  5. Sometimes you just need a change and I think it would be good for him and for Milan. Plus it would give Messi and some of the younger players the real chance to have the spotlight.

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