US Sports Are Back-Finally!

After a hiatus since the Superbowl, there will actually be sports to watch on television this week with the unofficial start of the 2008 sports season as March Madness and the NCAA college basketball tournament begins. February was the worst month for sports in America with only the unwatchable NBA and the boring NHL regular season to whet our appetites. Alas, as the weather gets warmer, even though it’s below freezing this morning in New York, the sun will rise again with the beginning of another great sports year.

I haven’t even begun to fill out my brackets yet with my predictions but I am just excited at the idea of having nonstop college hoops to watch all weekend for the next 3 weeks including two weekends from now when I will be in Las Vegas to watch the sweet 16 and elite eight! Then, as soon as the college hoops tournament ends, baseball begins and the Golf Masters follows along with tennis season finally heating up with back to back US Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami after its two month slumber since the Aussie Open.

Additionally, the NBA and NHL regular seasons mercifully come to an end and at least the somewhat bearable playoffs will give something else to watch occasionally. Of course the problem remains is that nobody actually cares about those sports and the NBA playoffs are drawn out for seemingly months to accomodate stupid television schedules and the NHL is on a strange cable channel that nobody can find.

All in all, the awful February slump for US sports is finally drawing to an end and order will be restored to the world as opening day approaches. Perhaps the Knicks can give us a late Christmas present by firing Isiah Thomas and maybe creating some interest in basketball back in New York City. Probably not though but at least the Yankees and Mets should make for an exciting summer.

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  1. BaseballisforGirls says

    Summertime for sports is definitely the worst with only baseball to watch. MLB sure makes the NBA and NHL look exciting…

  2. Go Terps! oh wait they didnt make the tourney by absolutely blowing the end of their regualr season and ACC tourney…. guess I’ll be cheering on UMBC

  3. btw, American is going to upset Tennessee…. You heard it here first!

  4. I went to American but they aren’t going to beat Tennessee

  5. Hey lee, rock chalk jayhawk-KU wins it all

  6. UCLA has an easy run to the final 4 and hopefully they can win this year before they lose Love to the NBA

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