Wimbledon 2007

As many of you know, I am a huge sports fan and among my favorites is tennis. I love the Grand Slams and Masters Cup Events and my favorite, like most tennis fans is Wimbledon. The problem is this year is worse than any year I can remember for rain delays. It is so annoying to watch on TV or even if you are following on the Internet or just reading the news spots because it is almost constantly in weather delays.

Apparently, this last week or two has been the only time it has really been raining in London in months. One of my best friends lives out there and we spoke yesterday about how miserable the weather has been versus how it had been great for months beforehand. Wimbledon is adding a retractable roof for centre court which will I believe be ready in 2009. I don’t believe they are doing the same for other courts but maybe for court 1 as well. They really need to add more roof covered courts because it poses a big disadvantage to players who constantly have to start and stop. It is tough to recover and get up mentally each time you have to start and stop and warm up etc. Wimbledon of course tends to have many rain delays and they also need to scrap the off day on Sunday and play if it’s nice out to get more matches in.

For instance, Roger Federer, whom I am a huge fan of, has four days off because he lucked out and got a walkover against Tommy Haas. Other top players such as Rafael Nadal have to deal with one match lasting for days at a time and if he were to make it all the way to the final, to win he would have to win 5 five set matches in 5 days. That is a lot to ask and not really fair. I am a Federer fan but like to see the best compete aginst each other and what tennis fan wouldn’t want to see another final pitting the worlds two best again but this time on grass.

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the tournament and I will be pulling for Serena against Henin tomorrow and Venus against Sharapova tonight. It is good to see both of them playing well and hopefully Serena can avenge her French defeat and re-establish her winning Aussie Open form. My prediction though is that Henin is too tough and focused and Serena is a bit beat up. I also believe that Federer will rout Ferrero and then Roddick and then win the tourney for the 5th straight year. We’ll see how it goes.

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