Joe’s Pizza NYC

Joe’s Pizza is simply the quintessential New York slice. That pretty much sums it up accurately. It is fast, easy and fantastic. There are no frills at Joe’s. It’s just a walk up place for slices with a few pictures on the wall of some celebrities that have eaten there. The same three guys work there pretty much 24/7. I have literally been going there since before I even moved to Manhattan 11 years ago. I estimate that, including last night…carry the 1…I have probably been to Joe’s 2000 times and I am not exaggerating. Here’s why.

When I am in New York, I eat at Joe’s at least 3-4 times a week and usually more. It sounds like a lot but I don’t cook so I will just pop in, grab a slice and go do whatever I am doing. It’s $2.75 a slice (up from $2.00 11 years ago) and they are always perfect, you can’t go wrong and it’s cheaper than cooking. There is never a wait even though it always has people in it and it is always open. It is a favorite late night and I swear they make half their money between 2-6am.

The big, thin slices come in plain, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni and Sicilian. They are all good although I usually go with plain. It is my belief that a plain slice shows the true meddle of a pizza place; and Joe’s has a lot of meddle! They offer sodas, Snapple and water too but that’s it. The only time I don’t like being at Joe’s is during the day when a New York pizza tour comes through and 40 tourists get lectured on how to properly fold and eat a New York slice…and they still mess it up!
Joe’s is a 4 minute walk from my apartment and is only a 10 minute walk from my old apartment so that’s another reason I have been so many times. Well that and great pizza is my major weakness-I’m not afraid to admit it. It beats any other slice. I am not saying it’s the best pizza in New York City because it is not (another post for another day). However, it is the best slice in New York City and believe me; I’ve tried just about all of them!

If you’ve never been to Joe’s and you’re in New York City, take the train to West 4th Street and head to 7 Carmine Street between Bleecker and Sixth Avenue. It used to be located right on the corner at Bleecker but a rent dispute with their landlord forced them to move to their alternate location (which was three doors down) a few years ago. It is still the same great pizza and although there are many other options, I always head to Joe’s…and besides it’s always open.

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  1. Joes is delicious

  2. Fantastic slice! I used to walk past there everyday and would 9 times out of 10 grab a slice on the way home. Always a solid slice, no attitude from the staff and normally short lines.

  3. I live in Colorado but every time I go to NY for work I always make sure to go to Joe’s for a few slices. It is am amazing slice and you cannot get anything like that in CO.

  4. I am going to have to disagree on the “never a wait.” I have vague memories of waiting in a pretty long line one night at 4am (ok, maybe that’s morning). Well worth the wait though!

  5. Do you actually remember waiting in line at 4am? Haha

  6. I need to convince Joe to open up a branch in london. a little factual correction. This location for Joe’s has always been there, its just that the other one was so popular you never noticed it. I always found it weird that had two places about 20ft from eachother, although this one wasn’t open late and I think just handled the deliveries etc…

    Although I will actually agree that Lee probably really has eaten at Joe’s about 2000 times and considering he can never get just one slice that equals at least 4000 slices of pizza which if I had to guess would be about 2million calories and about 40,000 grams of fat, so he’s pretty much made of pizza.

  7. You’ve got Pizza Express, learn to embrace it! and yes I may actually be made of pizza! You know you can’t wait to get to NY to have some Joe;s yourself!

  8. I don’t need pizza express. in about 3 weeks i’ll be at da michele which will make up for any sub-par pizza i’ve had for we’ll pretty much forever.

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