Parrot Drinking Beer?

The Amazon is one of the most vast and diverse places on Earth with a lot of really cool places and things to do. I was staying outside Manaus at the Amazon Eco Park where there are tons of birds and especially big tropical parrots. I have to say of all the amazing places I saw or cool things I did, seeing this parrot chugging beer had to be my favorite thing. It was so funny and he was doing it for a while.
Everyone at the park was taking his picture as the parrot (technically it’s a scarlet macaw) was getting wasted on Brazil’s best beer, Skol. He started out drinking orange Fanta (below) but I guess he liked the beer better. In the coming weeks and months I will detail my trip to Amazon in more and more detail but for now this is a great little bit.

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  1. Amazon’S finnest. Nice expos shirt!

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