My Travel Schedule for the Next 6 Weeks

As always, people are asking me what I’ve got coming up. In the recent past, I’ve been posting my upcoming and known travel schedule. So here it is, my travel schedule for the next 6 weeks, as far as I know thus far as I haven’t finalized everything yet.
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March 1-5 Park City, Utah…I will be learning to snowboard and touring around the Park City area around a bunch of different ski resorts and of course the Olympic Park from the 2002 Olympics.
Berlin, Germany, Lee Abbamonte, travel
March 6-9 London, England or Berlin, Germany…I land in Frankfurt on March 6th and I still haven’t decided if I am going straight to London or I will head up to Berlin for ITB Berlin; which is the world’s largest travel trade show. I will obviously decide in the next few days.
London, England, Parliament
March 9-14 London, England…I will be living in a furnished apartment, courtesy of Go With Oh. I will be spending time with friends in London. I will also be attending my first lecture as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society on March 11 and will be hosting a meet-up in the West End on March 12. I will also be going to the QPR/Sunderland game March 9 at Loftus Road and the England/Italy Rugby match the following day at Twickenham!
Arc de Triumphe, Paris, France
March 14-19 Paris, France…I will be living in a furnished apartment, courtesy of Go With Oh. I will be visiting some sights in Paris that I have never been to before: some of the more unique sights as I have been to Paris many times. I will be living like a local and I cannot wait. I am just upset that PSG will be out of town when I am there! Oh and I will also be doing a live broadcast via Skype on Fox News back in the States!
Frankfurt, Germany
March 19 Frankfurt, Germany…I am taking the train to Frankfurt from Paris to catch a flight the following morning back to New York. I will be spending the night in Frankfurt; which is a pretty cool town. Basically, I will be eating lots a good German food for 24 hours!
New York City
March 20-24 New York, USA…I will be relaxing and using this time to get some things done and see friends and family.
March 24-April 3 Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Hawaii…I am not exactly sure how these days are going to fall yet but I arrive in Honolulu on the 24th and will be either flying to Majuro, Marshall Islands or Guam, USA. In between, I will also be spending time on the Micronesian Islands of Chuuk and Pohnpei. I also hope to fly to Tinian as well from Guam if I have a chance. I should have this part of the schedule finalized shortly.
April 3-9 Lanai, Hawaii…I cannot wait to spend 6 luxurious days on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai. I have never been before and should know the island very well after 6 days. It will be a perfect way to relax after a trying Micronesian itinerary!
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April 9 and beyond New York and I am not sure yet…I am working on several other projects and hope to spend a bunch of time at home as well. I will also be speaking at 2 different conferences in New York in April-Canada Media Marketplace and the New York Travel Festival. Other than that, my schedule will be dictated by what happens with a variety of projects I am working on and involved with. I will keep you updated, as I know. It will be fun and there will be pictures! And just a hint of what’s to come, I should be back in Southern Africa in May!

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  1. I love reading your site but I also kind of hate you! I am sure you get that a lot!

  2. Stephanie says

    OMG that sounds brilliant. Do you need an assistant for your travels? I travel light, don’t take up much space and am quite cute!

  3. Crikey, I thought my seven countries in 22 days plan for March was pushing it – you’ve got all that plus some continent hopping going on! Have an awesome trip, and possibly bump into you at ITB 🙂

    • That would be great Laurence. By the way I’ve seen you before on the Facebook travel blog groups and I have to say your Gravatar is pretty cool with that hair-tough to forget it! If I go to ITB, let’s definitely catch up.

  4. Micronesia is a truly amazing place. I have travelled to to Palau, Yap and Guam. I have never seen better diving. I am very envious of your upcoming trip. Have you been to Palau? I assume you have but holding out hope that maybe I’ve got one up on you!

    • Hi Ernie, nice to see you’ve traveled quite extensively. Yes, I have been to Palau and I love it there! Jellyfish Lake and the rock islands are as good as it gets!

  5. Spookily I’m going to the same places – SA in May, NYC in April etc – London now – Paris this month.

    Already been to Park City (Deer Valley) and Hawaii in the last year.

    Maybe we’ll even walk past each other.

    What a crazy world 🙂


  6. I am dizzy reading this schedule! Good luck and hope you can adjust your sleeping to all those time zones!

  7. Alexandra says

    Can’t wait to read about all these amazing trips…can I come on one? 🙂

  8. Hi Lee,
    Do you have any information about your meet-up in West End on 12 March? I would like to come.

  9. Hey Lee…
    u are more then welcome to come to Frankfurt….. So it would be great we go for a coffe and chat abt Germany and Frankfurt and the world 😉 … I am living in the downtown so meeting wouldn’t be a big deal… That would be cool…
    Best regards from foggy Frankfurt …

  10. The Antarctica trip fell through?

    • Sav, I cancelled because I couldn’t get anyone to come with! Everyone who had interest bailed. It was a big time and money commitment so I totally understand but didn’t want to sit on the boat for a month with strangers.

  11. That schedule is insane and makes me sad that most of my travels these days are domestic. I am, however, super pumped to head to Austin next weekend for SXSW. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming trips!

  12. Your schedule is as crazy as mine was last year. This year, I have more time in between.

  13. Sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy man! I don’t know where you find the energy to do this stuff constantly. You are like a machine!

  14. Lee that’s an amazing itinerary. Are these work trips mainly or for fun too?

  15. Micronesia is supposed to be incredible. I am very envious of your travels.

  16. This sounds exhausting!

  17. Wow that is some run you’ve got coming up! If you happen to pop into Edinburgh along the way, drop me a note.

  18. busy boy! travel safe 🙂

  19. Insanity! Love it.

  20. Damn. Wow! And I thought I traveled a lot! Enjoy your trip. Can’t wait to read about it.

  21. Schedule sounds fun. Just got back from Park City as well. Enjoy the snow y’all got while we were leaving bc it was hot our whole trip. Thought we might cross paths again when we are Vegas in a week since you are there so much but I guess not this time. Safe Travels.

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    i just found your website….awesome!
    just one little question: but how do you get money from?

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