Amazing Race All Stars

The Amazing Race is the only show on TV that I regularly watch other than the Sopranos. I love to watch to see where the teams go and obviously it is fun to pick your favorite team and watch them interract with the other teams as they compete. This season it’s the all-stars which bring back teams from previous seasons. You would think that they would’ve brought back some pretty interesting and exciting teams but in my opinion they are all pretty boring or just plain annoying.

I won’t rehash the whole season for everyone but of the teams that are remaining, who are you cheering for. In my opinion, all of the teams are annoying or at least have some aspect about them that is really annoying. The worst is obviously Charla and Mirna. They are so irritating it is honestly hard to watch them sometimes. I feel bad for Charla because the show intentionally tries to bring out her handicap of being a little person but even moreso than that is that she has to put up with her cousin Mirna who may be the single most annoying person I have ever seen in my life. She demeans people constantly on the show because she speaks with this phony condescending accent to everyone; not finishing her sentences like a big girl; yelling a lot; and constantly harrassing her cousin who is trying her best. Additionally, she is constantly at odds with the other contestants starting fights and butting in whenever possible. If you watch the show you know what I mean and if you don’t watch the show-wait til next year.

The other three teams are really not that interesting. The blondes are really annoying as well because they are backstabbing players and always have a stupid way of explaining things and getting on the other teams bad sides-not to mention the phony smiles. The two guys, the Cha Cha’s, which I can’t even write without cringing are fine and not really annoying but they aren’t interesting or exciting either but by default of being the best of the worst I may be cheering for them. Finally, the dating guy and girl from a previous show are constantly fighting. The girl is always yelling and seems to be utterly miserable being stuck with this guy who clearly just wants to finish the race ASAP to get rid of the girl…I don’t see them making it. They are also now marked for elimination and haven’t shown signs that they could win.

The downfall of this season happened when Rob and Amber of Survivor fame were eliminated. They were the only two that were interesting and they really kept up the excitement of the show. I really liked Rob even though he is a Red Sox fan. It is funny to me that CBS had all these seasons to choose from to pick their all stars and in my opinion, they really dropped the ball by not really picking exciting teams. If what they were going for was just annoying people that can fight a lot than I guess they did a good job, but it is actually hard to watch sometimes. I love the show but this year is a very big disappointment for me.

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  1. I hate the midget team! They aggravate me sooooooooo much.

  2. Cynthia, I agree!

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