Celebrity Sighting

Well hardly, but we were staying at a place called Ca’s Sant in Soller, Mallorca which is a little finca on the beautiful Spanish Island and I was recognized from my website by one of the people at the finca, Jaime. It took me a little while to realize that he actually recognized me but I was pretty much blown away and thought it was really cool. Who would’ve thought I would be recognized for something fun like this site across the Atlantic-this Internet thing is here to stay I think. The finca itself was a gorgeous place in the mountains of northern Mallorca with an ideal setting with great amenities. The people who ran it were wonderful, Lourdes and the rest of them were so nice and helpful. Gracias por su hospitalidad. Disfrutamos nuestro quedarse. Hasta Luego!

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  1. Now you’re famous, you should try to get free stuff out of it

  2. I keep hearing that…I may send links to smaller hotels ahead of time and promise to review the hotels in exchange for a rate slash. That is not my purpose so it’s a weird thing to approach

  3. Looks like you were really roughing it.

  4. Let’s just say, If I went with you we wouldn’t have stayed here

  5. just what we need, you to have a bigger head….

    (I did miss the posts though)

  6. so right Alix, his head can’t get much bigger though! hahaha

  7. I have no such head

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