My Fox News Segment Live From Paris

Here is my live interview with Fox & Friends First on Fox News yesterday live from Paris!

I am a little sick as you can probably hear in my voice and obviously it was pretty windy but it was a lot of fun!
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  1. Alexandra says

    Very good job! It must’ve been tough in the wind and cold. Good picks!

  2. Good stuff Lee! Maybe you can ask her not to say Pareeeee though next time, haha!

  3. i know 3 of the 5… no too bad!! have fun!!

  4. You’re like a veteran hanging in there in the wind! Nice job dude!

  5. Great job Lee!

  6. Great video! Audio was a little off there at first. Looked like the dialogue from a Kung Fu movie ­čÖé

    Man that was some crazy wind! The only one I haven’t been to on your list is St Paul’s.

    • Thanks man…ya not sure what happened to the sound in the beginning…all I know was I was freezing and it was windy as hell! I was just hoping they could hear me.

    • Tim hughes says

      We live in a fantastic world you are doing a great job. Next time your in Australia go to the Mornington Peninsula the wines have to be the best in the world,great beaches and wonderful countryside and only 1 hour from Melbourne.

  7. Jessica Azambuja says

    I feel lucky enough to have visited three of the five you mentioned! Now to add the other two to my list! Great job, Lee!

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