My Upcoming Travel Schedule

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As I cannot possibly answer all the emails asking me where I am going next, here is my upcoming travel schedule that is confirmed so far through February.

January 10-14 I am flying into Medford, Oregon to visit Crater Lake National Park and driving down to the Bay Area to visit friends and watch the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers playoff game!

January 17-21 I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada

January 24-27 I’m in the Bahamas

January 28-31 I’m in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

January 31-February 2 I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona for the Phoenix Open golf tournament

February 2-5 I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Superbowl and UFC fights

February 5-7 I’m in Los Angeles and Newport Beach, California

February 7-16 I’m in Fiji

February 13-14 I’m in Kiritimaki (Christmas Island), Kiribati; which is a remote Travelers Century Club destination I haven’t been to yet.

February 16-21 I’m in Sydney, Australia!

So that’s my confirmed schedule between now and February 21 and there will be much more coming up. I just have to finalize some details and flights. If you’re going to be in any of these places at these times, shoot me an email and maybe we can meet up!

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  1. Yara Blancovich says

    You got the best life! I love traveling…So much world to see!!
    Enjoy it all
    Safe travels 😉

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Kiribati, and you might only be the second person I know who’s ever been (other than Charles V.). Can’t wait to read your recap!

    • Looking forward to going back…I was in Tarawa a few years ago so looking forward to spending some time in the Line/Phoenix Islands and will definitely be writing about it. I know Charles well!

  3. I won’t do all that in 2 year and you are doing that in 2 months….Can we trade lives?!

  4. I haven’t been to Vegas in 6 years and you go twice in 2 weeks and will probably go 10 other times this year! LOLOL

  5. Bummer, saw on Facebook you were thinking of doing an event while you are in Sydney…. but I’m going to be in the Philippines! Of well, I’m getting to see something new so can’t complain.

  6. That’s quite a schedule! I know you will enjoy the golf tournament. And the 49ers game should be a good one. Stop by and say hello on your way down 🙂

  7. Karen- Our Passport Stamps says

    Bula! I just discovered your website…..looks like we will be in Fiji at the sametime. We visited Christmas Island, Kiribati in 2007, very peaceful as you can imagine! Just a fyi, there is free wifi near the post office! 🙂 A couple of our favorite souvenirs that we have purchased on our travels are the hand made shell ornaments from Christmas Island, 2 for 1 USD at the time. We hang them on our Christmas tree every year. They also make great gifts, how many people can say they have a Christmas ornament from Christmas Island!? On a domestic note…Welcome to the Bay Area! it’s a bit cold today, but looks like there will be no rain this weekend. If you are up for a little culture, at the Legion of Honor there’s an exhibit going on called Royal Treasures from the Louvre…otherwise it’s perfect weather for a nice mug of Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista!!! Buon Viaggio. Karen

    • Thanks for the heads up on Christmas Island-esp for wifi…I am very excited and this will be my second Christmas Island visited! I went to the Australian one last year! As for SF, I will be at the 49ers game tomorrow night and other than that just visiting friends for a few days!

  8. Do you find that it’s a very short amount of time at each place? Flight and waiting at the airport alone will take so much of your time. Aren’t you tired?
    I’m back at work now but wish I was traveling again. How did you fund your travels at the beginning?

    • This is a work trip and I have been to all of these places multiple times before…airports suck but so does the bus, so you deal

      • After my backpacking trip, I know I wanted to do more. Just needed the fund. I started my skincare business so hopefully it’ll be lots of hard work now (for the next couple years) and travel freedom later. Looks like you’ve already got the travel freedom, what is it that you do for a living? You definitely inspire. 🙂

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