Planet Earth Mini Series

I don’t know how many of you guys have been watching this show, Planet Earth, on the Discovery Channel but it is awesome. I am kind of hooked on it. It is really amazing photography and videography. They capture things on film that have never been captured before like the hunt of the snow leopard in the Himalayas. They do so with amazing technology and cameras. To be honest I don’t even know when it’s on because I just DVR it and watch it when I can but it is totally worth the time to check out.

For instance, last night I watched an episode in the mini series about grass. Yes grass. The entire show was about how grass and water basically are the lifelines for nature throughout the world. They really do travel the globe to bring you examples of different types of species in different types of climates. The types of animals you see are breathtaking. I have never heard of a lot of the animals they feature let alone seen them.

They also show a lot of hunt and kill scenes which I love. They showed last night a pride of like 30 lions hunt a lone elephant in the African bush after it was so thirsty it had to take a dangerous trip to a watering hole surrounded by the pride, bad move by the elephant. It was amazing to see it on film. What an amazing job the crew did filming and even moreso is how amazing it must’ve been to actually be there filming this stuff. I just wanted to mention this mini series because I have seen three or four episodes now and they are wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone who likes nature and animals.

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  1. Wow, I really feel like I missed out….never knew grass could be so interesting…. I think tomorrow I might go to the park and watch the grass (or lack there of) sway in the wind…

  2. You’re just pissed because you can’t skateboard in the grass

  3. i prefer the grass i play in to be well groomed

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