Quickee Trivia

The United States has hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics FOUR times each. Three different cities have hosted the Summer and three different other cities have hosted the Winter. Name them…

Summer: St. Louis 1904; Los Angeles 1932 and 1984; Atlanta 1996
Winter: Lake Placid 1932 and 1980; Squaw Valley 1960; Salt Lake City 2002

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  1. Summer: Atlanta, LA
    Winter: Salt Lake City, Lake Placid

    Cant think of the other 2

  2. Those are all correct but there are one more for each and they are tough

  3. The Americans bought the Olympics in 2002 Salt Lake and should never be given them again.

  4. Summer

    St. Louis
    Los Angeles (twice)


    Lake Placid (twice)
    Salt Lake
    Squaw Valley

    And this is from memory, not cheating on wikipedia.

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