5 Reasons to Buy an Annual Travel Insurance Plan

A lot of people mistakenly think that they should only buy travel insurance to cover themselves for big trips. Obviously you’d want to cover yourself for those trips, but you also want to cover yourself for short trips too and if you’re driving to the destination by yourself, it is a whole other scenario. For instance, if you’re driving for a weekend trip to Canada or Mexico, then you ought to have the drivers’ insurance and also abide by the new car seat laws in california. For a frequent traveler like myself, there is no better option than an annual travel insurance plan. Is it right for you? It depends. Here are 5 reasons to buy an annual travel insurance plan.
5 reasons to buy an annual travel insurance plan, Allianz Travel Insurance
1. You travel internationally several times a year.

Annual travel insurance plans were made for people who are planning three or more trips in a year, whether for leisure or business. One insurance plan covers them all. This way you always know you’re covered. You don’t have to go back each time and buy a new policy. That’s huge in my opinion.

2. You tend to forget things when you travel.

Are you like me-very forgetful when you travel? I always leave things at home or at my destination. So buy an annual travel insurance plan now so you won’t forget to get insurance before your next trip. It just makes your travel life easier and gives you peace of mind. Plus, your travel insurance company may be able to help if you lose something crucial while traveling. That’s a nice cushion to have.

3. You want to save money on travel insurance.

An annual travel insurance plan can save you a significant amount of money compared to buying travel insurance for each trip you take. This is simple math. Again, if you travel enough it is so worth it!

4. You’re planning a remote trip.

Travel insurance is a must if you’re traveling to remote destinations. An annual travel insurance plan with emergency medical coverage is a smart bet. Plus, it’ll cover you wherever else you may go in a 12-month span. The emergency medical coverage is imperative. Additionally, evacuation coverage which can cost more than a house if you’re not covered!

5. You travel with expensive gear.

If you travel with business equipment, a laptop, or if you bring your DSLR camera everywhere you go-annual travel insurance is a must. A good travel insurance plan will cover the contents of your baggage if it’s lost or stolen. Just make sure you read the fine print first. Most annual travel insurance plans have a limit on coverage for jewelry, cameras, computers and other specific items.

Disclaimer: I work as an ambassador for Allianz Travel Insurance (AGA Service Company) and receive financial compensation.

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  1. You’re going to get on that boat one day! I will make sure you go to Tristan Da Cunha to tell me how boring it is!

  2. This is some great info, I didn’t even know Annual policies existed. I actually just got a quote and it isn’t expensive at all compared to what I’ve been paying for individual policies as I go. Thanks Lee!

  3. Travel insurance saved me thousands of dollars when I had to cancel a cruise because I broke my leg. I highly recommend it!

  4. Great post and article. Thanks.

  5. Ceil Reilly says

    My husband and I always get trip insurance with Allianz. 3 years ago we had to cancel our trip to Jamica. My husband was hit by a drunk driver and was in the hospital for 2 months. Because of having this insurance policy, I was able to recoup every penny from the hotel as well as the airlines. This year we went on vacation again to Jamaica and my husband fell gravely sick . I am in the process of submitting a claim to Allianz for medical bills, the days we lost at the resort and also the additional money to change our flight home. I will never travel without trip insurance

  6. Annual travel insurance is one of the best options for travelers who regularly travel or work abroad. You only need to buy a travel insurance package once and be guaranteed for 365 days, no matter where you are “wandering”.

  7. 5 reasons to buy the annual travel insurance package you give is very practical and accurate. I will buy this insurance.

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