Tough Travel Decisions

There are tough decisions to make when you are trying to set a record. Sometimes I feel obligated to try to amass countries and go to random places when there are long weekends and/or a bit of time off and sometimes you just want to go to the beach. I am having a tough decision along those lines right now about the 4th of July weekend. Should I go to Bethany Beach or should I go on a quick trip to the Guyanas in South America.

I know it sounds silly especially to the novice traveler but these are important decisions and fairly stressful ones because you want to hang out with friends, etc. but you also don’t know when you may have a window to get down to see some new places. Money aside, time is the X factor in travel and has be budgeted and taken advantage of whenever possible. It is only five days out of the year but the summer is only 3 months long and there are only so many weekends I have available that I am not away.

My decision may be made easier by the fact that I will be there two weeks after the 4th weekend anyway but it is a nice place and a fun time and some of the people heading down to Bethany I never get to see. We’ll see how it plays out. I guess it’s good to have these decisions to make and I am not complaining but I hate time constraints.

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  1. I really feel for you

  2. Life sure is tough, most people are deciding whether to go to the shore or the cape for july 4th, not some random island chain.

    But seriously, your whole journey has actually changed how I view travelling. I am actually kicking myself for not trying to squeeze in another country on my Southeast asia trip in order to maximize my exposure. But it all comes down to the balance of time in a certain country.

  3. I appreciate the sentiment…time (like an Ace) is the great equalizer and you can’t sacrifice great things just to add another place…it’s a tough tradeoff but your trip is sick and you will be happy with what you chose. The Guyanas by the way are the three little countries on the northeast of South America…I think you’re thinking of the Galapagos off Ecuador

  4. Go to Guyana so you can write about it. I am interested in going there and then down into Brazil.

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