Try Someplace Random

I was coming back to New York yesterday on the train and I started chatting with someone who travels a lot for work and actually grew up in several places abroad. The conversation led to travel and she mentioned that she really wanted to go to Mongolia. I thought that was so cool because most people I meet and who tell me where they are dying to go say the Caribbean, Costa Rica or somewhere in Europe which are all great but hardly off the beaten path. Mongolia and places like it where most people certainly couldn’t name the capital let alone where it’s located on the map are often the most fun trips because you don’t know what to expect in random places.

For me, the element of the unknown is my favorite thing. I don’t really like knowing exactly what I will be doing on any given day except if it’s necessary with a time restriction or you’re on a tour because you have to be. The unknown factor in random places, and I say random about places that are generally not visited by mainstream western tourists, is the best thing. It gives you no expectations so then everything that happens is gravy on top as you cannot be disappointed if you’re expecting nothing.

Mongolia, in fact I have not yet been to but it’s on my short list of places that I am really looking forward to seeing soon along with the rest of Central Asia. The history in a place like Mongolia is lost upon the new generations and I feel like visiting will bring the past to life a bit for the visitor. It can put you right there in the 13th Century with Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire trying to conquer ther Jin Dynasty.

Recently, I was in places in the Balkans where some of the most memorable figures from history have been from and come through. From Alexander the Great to Mother Theresa, a lot of memorable figures from throughout history have come from or passed through some of the most random places on Earth and you wouldn’t even know it unless you were there.

Head to Central Asia, check out to West or Central Africa, take the plunge in northern South America or ride the busses in the Balkans and you will be pleasantly surprised what you will find. Try someplace random and I bet you will be better off for it. You may not find a 5 star resort or the Eiffel Tower, but you will find adventure, excitement and you will be a lot smarter for the experience.

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  1. I was in Mongolia last summer, brilliant place and would recommend it to anyone. I very much agree about random places and more tourists should take a leap and try something new.

  2. Try Gabon, wild hippos in the ocean, amazing stuff

  3. Good post, I agree…try Namibia or Angola

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