UPS Lost My Passport

Last Monday, December 3rd, I sent out my passport with UPS, along with a $116 money order and my visa application to the Consulate General of Suriname in Miami. I was obviously applying for my Suriname visa for my upcoming trip there. This Tuesday, I called the Consulate asking why I hadn’t received back my passport and visa because I had overnighted the UPS package. They told me they never received my application which meant they never got the package. So then I called UPS with the tracking number of my package.

They basically told me that they have no idea where my package is and they would launch an investigation. This apparently consists of them calling their lost and found facility and calling the last place where my package was scanned which apparently was their hub in South Carolina somewhere, from which it was to be sent to Miami. It was scanned in South Carolina but clearly never made it to Miami and still hasn’t turned up in the lost and found. So since it has not yet been 8 business days which is the allotted amount of time they give themselves to finish their thorough investigation; they won’t declare it lost so I can simply accept the fact that they lost one of my most valuable possessions.

Additionally, I still need a new passport and visa to enter Suriname as I have already bought a non refundable ticket down there. So yesterday I had the fun and certainly not cheap task of going through the passport expediting process so I can get my new passport back ASAP and then still send it down to Miami to get my Suriname visa. The problem for me is, even if it magically appears within the 8 days, I won’t have enough time to get my visa before my trip so I would be screwed either way. So I had to make the executive and very hard decision to report my passport as lost and apply for a new one.

As a result of me being so pissed off at UPS and them being so unhelpful about the fact they lost my passport, I am using the passport and visa service, It’s Easy, to help me with this process because I just can’t deal with any more hassles right now. I have heard excellent things about them so hopefully everything will work out well and I will have everything I need by the time I need it.

Finally, here’s the kicker…A new passport costs $157, It’s Easy charges me another $180, the lost money order was like $116 in cash, plus new photos, birth certificate and the pain in the butt factor of having to deal with it. So basically it’s gonna end up costing me over $500 to get my new passport and visa as a result of UPS simply losing my first class overnight package.

“Luckily” for me they cover up to $100 if they lose a package and if I am lucky I may actually get that money one day after I go through a rigorous claims process. So they lose my package which in turn costs me over $500 (and that’s being conservative) and they will “happily” reimburse me for up to $100 if I qualify.

I can’t even express how irritating and ridiculous this is. Considering if I hadn’t have sent it in so early in the first place and didn’t follow up, I would be out the $500 plus the total costs of my non refundable flights into the Guyanas and Suriname which isn’t the cheapest or easiest place to fly.

In truth, money aside, all I really want is my passport back because even though it is no longer valid, the memories and stamps inside are invaluable to me and I hope they will eventually find it.

UPS’s alleged investigation will continue until December 17th when they will officially admit they lost my package and passport and file a claim for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait that long and you use a company like UPS because they are supposed to be reliable in shipping. When something like this happens and they lose something valuable to you, it really pisses you off. When calling, I spoke with 20 different people all telling me they were sorry but couldn’t help me-thats not what you want to hear and a big company like that should really work on their customer service a little as well.

The commercial says, “What can brown do for you?” I always thought this was a really stupid slogan but I figured out the answer to the question and the answer is SH*T-thats what they can do for me.

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  1. Thats awful. I am sorry that happened.

  2. Devastating. Brown Sux-you should sue them

  3. I have never had good luck with UPS so now I only ship FedEx or DHL. Hope you get your passport back!

  4. Stupid UPS. that’s what they do for customer.

  5. if it is NOT called FED EX…do NOT use it!
    DHL just “processed” a package sent to me, also a passport. Moron 1 ( DHL ) handed it off to Moron 2 ( USPS) who cannot track it and it is now been lost in transit for a week. DHL even has office within 45 miles of my address..I would have been glad to go there to pick it up but USPS sent it to IOWA instead of down the street.

  6. I am in exactly same situation now.
    UPS did not deliver my passport to Indian Counsulate in SFO.

    I opened a case, now I am worried..

    I will never go to UPS

    • sai kiran says


      UPS lost my passport when it shipped from CKGS Partner of Indian Embassy. Tracker it says in Sunnyvale,CA but UPS says they are not able to find the package. I am really worried now.


      Did you find your passport?

      • Mine is also lost, both passport and OCI card. CKGS shipped on 8th now is 27th and UPS claimed my packages is lost, so frustrating, can I sue UPS for this?

        • UPS lost my passport too when it was shipped to me by CKGS. We’re you able to find your passport?

          • Hey , did you get your passport back? UPS lost my wife’s passport. And they care Damn about it. I will have to go through the harrowing experience of getting the new passport stamped with all the Visas.

            Let me know what actions you took.

          • I did after I had cancelled it

          • Do you know what is the process once UPS loses your passport with CKGS? They have just informed me that they delivered it to the wrong person and it’s been over 10 days!

  7. hi Anil, Sai Kiran,

    I am on the same boat. Did you guys got this sorted? Was the passport received? Please let me know – help!!

  8. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you get your passport back. I just had my passport, social security card, and a check “lost” by UPS, as well. Does anyone else smell something fishy going on here? I think a class-action suit might be in order. There needs to be a full investigation launched into their handling of important citizenship documents. It wouldn’t surprise me if these were being sold somewhere on the deep web… I’m not really a conspiracy theorist, just really FUC*ING annoyed right now!

    • I agree with you totally. There should be a class action suit.

    • I do !! I think so too because the number of passport lost cases are high when compared to other courier services.. I am suspecting if they are losing visa documents on purpose ?? Somehow I think something fishy is definitely happening.. also most of the passports that were lost are Indian for some strange reason

  9. Ilya Kuleshov says

    Hello from the future. Last week, UPS lost my wife’s passport at one of their sorting facilities. Most likely it was stolen by UPS employees and sold on black market to be used for money laundering and terrorism. She had a foreign passport which takes at least 6 months to replace and will involve ~500 airfare to New York consulate plus maybe $500 of related travel expenses and fees, not to mention the cost of the non-refundable foreign trip she had to cancel. Worst part, UPS does not give a damn, feeding us with automatic replies saying they are still conducting an investigation.

  10. Vijay Yadav says

    UPS Lost my passport and they said they are investigating… I am really posed as it’s going to cost me atleast 3-4000$ bcoz I have to firstly get my new passport and then travel to India to get a visa stamp. My passport is valid till December so I am thinking to wait for atleast a month before I cancel it. What do you guys think.

  11. It happened to me today. is there anyway I can sue them?
    I have a nonrefundable ticket for next Friday 08/03/2018 and I don’t have a visa or passport. Please tell me if you could get your money back and charge them.

    • Taha Shahid says

      UPS lost my passport which was sent to me by VFS Global with my European Visa. I have been talking to countless customer service for 5 days. i have a saturday trip to Europe.
      My passport had indian visa as well. Now i have to get new passport, new visa for Europe, new visa for US for that I have to go to India.
      It is really annoying. IT will cost me a lot. Could anyone provide any options.

    • celestine Ngassa says

      Did you got any update.? I am in the same boat

  12. Hi everybody. UPS also lost my passport and all other documents I ever had.For 5 month I could not get anywhere with them.I file a law suit against ups.Is any of you willing to testify against ups in court by phone .We can fight back with your help.We can also find a lawyer to file a class action against ups as well.Please let me know if you want to get even with ups for every one sake.Tanks you.Nasser

    • Leslie Villegas says

      Hi Nasser. I would love to testify against them. Are you moving forward with this law suit? I’m in the middle of my own nightmare with them and I’ve already spent over $600 replacing all by documents. Please let me know how I can help!

  13. I’m also in the same boat! First the Indian consulate misses something and takes two and a half months to hand it back to ckgs, then ups decides to lose my package!
    I had to cancel my international trip, incurring a loss.
    Now as usual they have started an investigation to which I’m sure, nothing reliable is going to come out!
    It’s so annoying! The whole system is messed up!
    I’m thinking of asking ckgs to bear the costs for the new passport!

  14. Shwetha Shashidhara says

    did anyone of you ever get back your passport?? UPS just lost my passport!! I am so annoyed, that I have no words for it!! 🙁

  15. I am just wondering so many passport missing case by UPS. Same thing happened to me yesterday. UPS lost my passport and other original documents. How it is possible by a popular carrier like UPS!!! I am in a all sorts of trouble now. I lost my VISA. I already purchased air tickets.

  16. I just experienced the same crappy situation with UPS (to be accurate, they should change their name to WHUPS). My passport and UK visa supposedly arrived in a container here in Hawaii (as they keep repeating) on Monday, but they can’t find my package. After waiting 3 hours for them to fully unload their container they said it wasn’t there, but could be in another container that was damaged by water. Went back yesterday afternoon to see if they’d found it and again…”it arrived on island…but we can’t find it”). This is a big loss because I am scheduled to work in the UK, but without a work visa, I can’t. And all because WHUPS doesn’t have their act together – their TRACKING NUMBER means nothing – and their only suggestion for me is to contact their office at 1-800… What a bag of crap. Will NEVER use WHUPS again.

    • Rahul Venugopal says

      I am on the extact same boat as you were. I was suppose to start working in London last week but now I no visa nor a passport. Did you sue them?

    • Hey I do too! I too think that they are losing passport on purpose. What else can be the reason for them to loose such important citizenship documents?? something fishy is definitely going on. I am really pissed off now, I spoke with more than 25 different UPS agents some telling me they are sorry and some simply very rude with me. I wish I could do something strong against UPS to stop them from doing all this crap

  17. UPS just lost my passport when I am ready for to take my usual Business trip to China and trust me UPS is the worst service anyone can use, I want to scream and yell at them right now, but it’s useless, and now they are investigating, I will never be using UPS ever, and I will make up a video and put it on you tube soon.

  18. UPS lost my passport. I wonder what they do with it. Hardly anything gets delivered with UPS. I have no clue what to do. It has my visa stamp on it. I am an international student. I dont have any identity in the US besides that.

    • heyyy did UPS find your passport? I am experiencing the exact same thing. My passport shipped from Spain Consulate in NYC and the parcel has sitted in a sorting facility in Pennsylvania for a week. I need to get it before this weekend.

  19. I’m experiencing same thing. UPS lost my 5 months baby’s passport. Is there anything I can do? They need a kick in the butt ?

  20. UPS lost my mom’s passport. Tracking showed it reached a sorting facility in Texas(we live in Texas) but that was the last known location. They claimed they couldn’t find it. After several phone calls to the UPS, they recommended we file a claim which we did. The crazy part was that they won’t reimburse more than $100! My mom and my sister flew to Atlanta to apply for the passport. How can $100 cover for the 2 passports(old and new), travel expenses and the fee the Consulate is going to charge to issue a new passport. This looks like a common issue with UPS. There should be a class action against them or this should be made known on social media to get upper management attention.

  21. Hi all, I have sent my passport through UPS to canada visa center 2 weeks ago and it is now missing. They started investigation but couldn’t find it. Did anyone who said lost here ever got it back later?

  22. My passport was stolen by UPS and an empty package was sent back!!! Unbelievable! The envelope was carefully cut open by a skilled UPS employee. I had to cancel a non-refundable trip and have to now apply for a new passport and visa. Has anyone sued them yet? Seems like a common occurrence with UPS.

  23. Well here I am after UPS passport fiasco, did anyone end up filing a class action lawsuit against them?

  24. My wife just had her overnight passport dissapear via UPS enroute to the Indian consulate in New York,they have officially marked it as missing, doing an investigation.

    is there any recourse?

    it is not a coincidence, someone is stealing passports and ups are complicit in a major federal crime if they do not correct it.

  25. UPS just lost my passport too! It’s an Indian passport so getting a new one is not enough, I have to fly to India, go to the consulate and get the US visa stamped on it. UPS just didn’t seem to care, they asked me to file a claim. How can I file a claim on passport? It’s priceless!

  26. UPS just lost my passport I live in Dallas Texas no one has any idea spoke to over 30 different people everyone’s giving me the same answer sorry

  27. joan johnston says

    UPS lost my passport. That was only shipped from Social Security Office in San Diego to my residential address just here in San Diego. Because of pandemic there is no walk in here at SSA office so all we could do is through mail. UPS seemed not to care. Horrible.

  28. UPS lost my child’s US passport while shipping to Consulate General of India (SFO) for Visa. I request all Indian’s or victims of UPS to share this information in whatsapp groups and Facebook groups. I don’t want others to feel the pain I am in or this situation. I have planned
    for International travel, my envelope has a Money order, US passport and other personal information documents.

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