Why You Should Have an Annual Travel Insurance Policy

If you travel more than a couple of times a year, you should have an annual travel insurance policy. I’ve had an annual travel insurance policy with Allianz Travel Insurance for years now and it’s been fantastic. I’ve only had to file 3 claims in 10 years but I’ve always had peace of mind when I travel. Not everyone travels as much as I do of course. However, if you travel 4-5 times a year or leave the country twice a year, it makes sense for you. An annual policy eliminates the cumbersome task of choosing whether to and actually buying a policy each trip. An annual policy means you’re covered all year! Keep it simple!

Why You Should Have an Annual Travel Insurance Policy

What my Allianz annual travel insurance policy covers:

Emergency Transportation $250,000

Emergency Medical $50,000

Travel Accident $50,000

Rental Car Damage & Theft $45,000

Trip Cancellation $5000

Trip Interruption $5000

Travel Delay $1600

Baggage Loss/Damage $1000

Baggage Delay $1000

Business Equipment $1000

Business Equipment Rental $1000

Change Fee $500

Loyalty Program Redeposit Fee $500

Concierge Included

24-Hour Hotline Assistance Included

Fortunately, I’ve never had to use my annual travel insurance policy for any medical reason while abroad. However, I’ve always been glad I had it. Many foreign hospitals, etc. will not accept domestic US medical insurance. My Allianz annual travel insurance policy makes it easy and handles it for you if something terrible happens to you. Again, I hope to never have to use it-but it gives me peace of mind!

About my recent Allianz Travel Insurance claim

In November, I was to take a 2-week trip to Brazil. The trip ended up being interrupted, delayed and eventually cancelled. It was beyond frustrating. I had flown to Miami, was on the plane ready to fly to Sao Paolo-and it never went. I had pre-paid about $1500 that was non-refundable for various aspects of my trip. Plus, the trip interruption triggered the need for an airport hotel in Miami, transportation to and from, etc. adding more unforeseen costs.

TravelSmart App

When the trip got cancelled, I was left to reconcile the lost costs. So I filed a travel insurance claim. I filed it from my phone on the Allianz Travelsmart app. The filing process only took about 10 minutes. I had documentation for everything. I immediately got an email saying my claim had been received. Within 48 hours, my claim was approved. I received a direct deposit shortly thereafter. It was a seamless process that was straightforward and simple.

Allianz Travel Insurance

You always hope everything goes according to plan when you travel. But things happen. It can be stressful and costly when they do. That’s why I have and recommend an annual travel insurance plan. The peace of mind I have when I travel is well worth the cost. Just remember to always keep your receipts and know what your policy covers.

Disclaimer: I am an Ambassador for Allianz Travel Insurance and receive financial compensation. Everything written in this post is my own words and experiences and hasn’t been influenced in any way.

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  1. My wife and I are going to Egypt this spring and we’re thinking about getting travel insurance. This is a great starting point for us. Does Allianz cover you for places like Egypt that are somewhat dangerous?

    • First, I don’t consider Egypt a dangerous place at all and yes you should be covered, at least under my annual plan you would be. Hard to say 100% because I don’t know what plan you’re looking at.

  2. Good info here, thanks! I always book and get annoyed deciding whether it’s worth it to buy insurance each trip. An annual plan seems like the way to go. I travel 2-3x a month.

  3. I’ve only filed once in my life (not Allianz) and it was a disaster.

    • I was just telling a friend of mine that many claims aren’t valid because they file under or because of a reason that’s not covered. It’s important to know what’s in your policy. Surely travel insurance can be confusing but the most important things are to keep receipts and emails and know what’s in your policy and what’s covered.

  4. So glad we could help Lee, hope you make it to Brazil soon and safe travels!

  5. Bill lawrence says

    Lee, is your the Cadillac version of their insurance? I looked at what they had recently for the middle of the road policy, the coverage wasn’t too good. I had been using Heymondo the past year but they changed their annual policies to no longer accept anyone over 49 years of age. Screw them! Looking for a decent policy that won’t cost me a fortune.

    • Bill, I can’t speak to anything other than what I have but as far as I know I have their top annual policy. For me, with the amount I travel, it makes sense. I hope to never have to use it but the 3 times I have I’ve been covered.

  6. I’ve only had awful experiences with travel insurance claims. I’ve never had an annual policy but on occasion I’ll buy for a specific trip. Last year I had to cancel due to a Covid related issue and I was unable to recoup the money with the policy I had. The policy clearly wasn’t enough to cover what happened but that made me sour on it in general.

  7. Can non-Americans buy Allianz Travel Insurance?

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