The 30 Best North American States and Provinces

The 30 Best North American States and Provinces is my latest list post and it was just as hard to narrow this list down to 30 as any of my other 30 Best lists. North America is such a diverse continent with so many different landscapes, cultures, languages and everything in between; even with only 3 countries!

Green Sand Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

The Green Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii

The United States, Canada and Mexico are linked because of where we live and to travel around the great states and provinces of these 3 beautiful countries is a treat. Many travelers neglect traveling in their own backyard but I assure you, traveling around North America is worth it. There are many beautiful places and many surprises to be had.
Whistler Mountain top view

Gorgeous mountain top view atop Whistler Mountain in British Columbia

I have been to all the States and Provinces of all three countries for varying lengths of time and experiences. So with that in mind, here is the criteria I used to select the 30 Best North American States and Provinces.
US Open, sunset

The sun setting over New York City at the US Open tennis tournament

-I have to have been there and spent at least a few days; meaning seen more than just one place/thing.
-There is no specific criteria for why I selected these places except that I enjoyed them.
-Many places selected are different from others in terms of climate, landscape, activities, cities etc.
-This list was selected by me only based on my experiences around North America.
-I only selected from States or Provinces meaning Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands etc are not eligible.
-Just because New York is my favorite city doesn’t mean New York is my favorite state as you’ll see.

Athabasca Glacier, Banff, Alberta

The Maple Leaf marks the spot on the stunning Athabasca Glacier in Alberta

With that said, here my list of the 30 Best North American States and Provinces…what do you think?
western newfoundland, Canada, Neddies Harbour Inn, Norris Point

Charming seats at Neddie’s Harbour Inn in Western Newfoundland

30. Saskatchewan
29. New Jersey
28. South Carolina
27. Oregon
26. Newfoundland
25. Jalisco
24. Ontario
23. New Mexico
22. Wyoming
21. Nevada
20. Oaxaca
19. Prince Edward Island
18. Texas
17. Rhode Island
16. New York
15. Nova Scotia
14. Maryland
13. Utah
12. Connecticut
11. Baja California Sur
10. Colorado
9. Quintana Roo
8. Florida
7. British Columbia
6. Alaska
5. Quebec
4. Arizona
3. Alberta
2. Hawaii
1. California

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  1. Your top 10 don’t surprise me at all. I’m guessing they made it there because of their diversity of scenery, culture and history?

  2. where’s nuevo leon weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. Martin Lidgren says

    Sorry took you for a woman.

  4. I have to assume the Canadian territories were not included to make things fair for the rest of the continent?
    As a Bluenoser, I’m pleased to see Nova Scotia made your list!

  5. Nice list. Certainly different rankings than what my list would have but its not my list. Super fun.

  6. Lee you did it again great list!

  7. Montreal by itself should catapult Quebec higher than #5. Toss in the ski towns in the mountains, stepping into Europe within Quebec City, and the great outdoors of the province. Just an opinion.

  8. Randy Paul says

    Granted, it’s all subjective, but Montana would have made my list.

  9. Kauai 🙂 most beautiful

  10. Hey!
    Enjoyed this, and glad to see Alberta so high up on the list, as I live there! However I am really surprised you chose Saskatchewan. Some of the cities are decent, but the topography is pretty boring! I would have chose Montana or Louisiana over Saskatchewan any time. Very curious, from someone who didn’t grow up near Saskatchewan, why did you enjoy it so much? 🙂

    • Pretty boring…are you kidding me?! Even though this is an old post and I did grow up in Sask, I will comment anyway. Most people form an opinion on Sask. after only visiting (or flying over) Regina or Saskatoon (which is an awesome city by the way), or after driving through it via the #1 or #16. That does not represent the entire province. Over 1/2 of the province is entirely lakes!
      For example, Google image the following terms and you will see it is not boring and actually very diverse:

      “Cypress Hills Sask”, “Grasslands Sask”, “Badlands Sask”, “Great Sandhills Sask”
      “Churchill river Sask” or “Otter Rapids Sask” or “Nistowiak Falls Sask” or “Waskesiu Sask”

  11. Victoria says

    Proud to see 3 Atlantic Canadian Provinces made the list even if little old New Brunswick didn’t

  12. Ivan Chorney says

    Connecticut, #12 – nice! That’s my home state and I do love it. From Greenwich on the west to Stonington on the east it really has a lot for a small state. Now I live in Florida which I also love. I enjoy it more than when I lived in California but for all California has to offer I can see it topping your chart. Haven’t been to Hawaii or Alberta so now I must go! Great list.

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