The 30 Best Beers in the World

One of my favorite things to do in every country I visit is to try their local beer. Almost every country in the world has at least one national brew and I always try to give it a taste when I visit a country. Beer is something I relate to certain countries and if I happen to see that particular beer in the US or elsewhere in the world, it reminds me of being in that country. Some countries have dozens or hundreds of great beers, some have one and some none but for the purposes of this list I limited myself to choosing one from each country. Like any of my 30 best lists, it’s not easy picking the 30 best beers in the world especially as some have certainly slipped my mind over time but some have endured as well from as far back as 1998-when I started traveling.
beer, cheers, 30 best beers in the world
That said, here are the 30 best beers in the world! Do you agree? I’m sure you don’t (and yes I stayed away from Microbrews etc), so let’s hear your favorites!
beer, cheers, 30 best beers in the world
30 Solera Venezuela
29 San Miguel Philippines
28 Castle South Africa
27 Lion Sri Lanka
26 Beer Burkina Burkina Faso
25 Kilimanjaro Tanzania
24 Bintang Indonesia
23 Baltika Russia
22 Cusqueña Peru
21 Samuel Smith England
20 Windhoek Namibia
19 Singha Thailand
18 Star Ghana
17 Duvel Belgium
16 Molson Canada
15 Belikin Belize
14 Kingfisher India
13 Yuengling USA
12 Beer Lao Laos
11 Carta Blanca Mexico
10 Kronenbourg France
9 Quilmes Argentina
8 Imperial Costa Rica
7 Tusker Kenya
6 Tooheys New Australia
5 Paulaner Germany
4 Tiger Singapore
3 Carlsberg Denmark
2 Guinness Ireland
1 Kozel Czech Republic

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  1. BOOM!!!! Three of my favorites made the list. Singha, Tiger, and Bintag.

  2. Notable omissions from China, Japan and Brazil. Was that intentional?

    • Pamela, I couldn’t decide on Japanese favorite and don’t really like Tsingtao or any of the Brazilian beers to be honest

      • Intrepidmom says

        Not even Xingu Black Beer from Brazil? I’ve only had it in the States but it’s worthy. Come to San Diego sometime and get lost at all out breweries.

  3. Tooheys is absolute shit beer!

  4. I’m just happy you didn’t include Heineken!

  5. Gallo from Guatemala!

  6. a few missing in my mind. Brahma from Brazil -and a bunch of US. You really think Yuengling is best we have? Fat Tire, Shiner, Sweetwater?

  7. wow! San Miguel Ph made it to the list 🙂

  8. I agree with the other guy Tooheys is an ordinary beer. As most of these are commercial beers I would say Crown is the best in Australia. I was surprised to see no Japanese beer on your list.

  9. I think that HEINEKEN is a leading Beer all over the world. I love Carlton Crown Lager as well.

  10. I was wondering, have you ever tasted Lithuanian beer, cuz that stuff is good bruh.

  11. mduduzi Msibi says

    South Africa’s best beer is actually Carling Black Label and not Castle

  12. Samuel aguirre says

    I deff think that you are missing “stella artois” such a good beer, I like Imperial from costa rica and cusqueña from my country Peru, amstel light is one of my favorite beer, and I like Balashi from Aruba and Amstel bright!!

  13. Stella Artois misses out in place of Duvel! Really ?

  14. howgarden
    All german beer..!!

  15. The best is Samuel Adams!!!!

  16. imperial from Costa Rica is the best beer!!!

  17. my most favourite is budviser but it’s not in the list

  18. Try out GORKHA beer from Nepal. ????????

  19. Only one German, one Czech and no Dutch beer. You must be joking…

  20. Jelen Pivo is missing!

  21. Why the hell is carpsberg on there! Tastes like watered down piss!!

  22. Yup, I could go for a Kozel and schnitzel right now….. Two things though, how is Kili not higher on the list? That beer at camp on the way down the mountain might have been the best beer I have ever had. And, where is Natty Boh???

  23. What about tuborg ?

  24. WOW Am glad to see my favourite Beer Kingfisher India on the list. 🙂

  25. Dreadful list. Outside Duvel and Sam Smith you don’t have a single top end beer there. Ironically, your image features several excellent beers that then didn’t make your list. Staying away from microbreweries, you should just change the name of this to 30 large beer companies from 30 countries.

  26. Luggage Scale says

    It is good to know such information on what’s the best beers in the world as I only settle for Heineken. We got to try this beers and know how good they are.

  27. Another informative stuff about this blog, it’s kind of funny but very interesting topic 🙂 i wish more topic like this to this blog.. LMAO Thumbs UP!

  28. Some great beers in that list just a shame theres no snow beer from china or Angkor beer from cambodia as i find they are two of the best beers around

  29. As a Jamaican, i’m curious if you have ever had Red Stripe and what you think of it

  30. Lol!
    Kronenbourg is a cheap supermarket beer, mostly used for cooking.
    Duvel isn’t considered in belgium as a good beer. It is industrial and tasteless.
    Honnestly, this list is really american: uniformized and insustrial tasteless beers, when so much countries produce so many good beers!

  31. All these beers are domestic “lawn-mower Beers” , but you have the Number One country correct, but it should read Pilsen Urquell, not Kozel, which is a dumbed down version of Urquell, there are many better Stouts than Guiness, check out a Mackelsons Milk Sout for an example & for Christ’s sake, Tooheys New ???? No Ashi, Negro Modello, Chimay, Slavator, Ayinger, Sierra Nevada, Deshut’s, Lefe, London Pride, Hobgobblin, Timothy Taylors Landlord Bitter, Bulle View Kriek, Frambroisen, Hoegaarte Wit, Schneider Weisse, Kostritzer, to mention a few,, even Australia’s Tooheys Old could make a mention at a push……..

  32. Can´t take a list seriously which includes Kronenburg as a highlight beer…This is one of the worst European beers existing….
    Also Carlsberg is shit.
    Havent you been to any of the small breweries in Bavaria, Czech or Belgium? Also the US small breweries are great….I know it is difficult to argue about taste, but this list is a shame for everyone who likes beer.

  33. No No No!!!
    The best beer in the world is Kolsch from the city of Cologne in Germany!!! How can you have missed that?

  34. You make some great lists, but the most important is still missing, its about the 30 best countries for Girls.

    Czech, German, Belgium and Irish beer are probably the best in quantity and quality, there are hundred brands although the countries are all very small, except for Germany. I once lived in China and the local people often asked me what beer was better Chinese or German I was like ” are you serious to ask me this question”, but you know, not everybody is so fortunate to have to opportunity to live in beer paradise called Europe. South East Asian beers are not bad too, I was quite surprised of their quality, but they dont have the variety, just three or four brands in each country, Europe takes home the trophy, oh yeah

  35. Me again, this topic makes me pumped up, just gonna drop another comment
    about beers in Asia, not a ranking just some info

    Thailand – has a good variety of beers Singha, Chang, Leo also Tiger and Beerlao are available in many places, of course all the international brands plus German beers, Thailand for me is number one country in Asia for beers- just because of the variety, Singha is supposed to be the best one, Chang the cheapest

    Cambodia – Man I was really suprised by the quality of this beer, especially the draught one, Cambodia, one of them is called Angkor the other I am not sure, but generally a positive surprise

    Laos – Before coming to Laos I heard good stuff about Beerlao. Sure for such a small country it is quite a respectable beer, they have both blonde and dark. I wasnt overwelhmed, but it is a very solid beer

    China- Now in China I drank much beer, it is very light and after pouring it into the glass it looks very very light almost like yellow water, not like beer, thats for all brands. China has a very extreme drinking culture, so you are often annimated by the locals to ex a small glas of beer or they even ex whole bottles, which is funny because the alocohol in the beers is very low. My advice when in China, skip the beer really, drink some heavy alcohol like Baijiu or the local whiskies, in general the local heavy liquors are much better then the beer

  36. paul humphreys says

    this is the first list you have made that I disagreed with and I am an Arsenal fan as well.
    next time you are in Argentina try one of Antares Beers from Mal de Plata and you will never touch Quilmes again.
    From Australia Little Creatures from Freemantle, Coopers Ale from Adelaide and both Boag’s and Cascade from Tasmania will all beet Toohey’s.
    Brazil check out Cerpa from Belem in Para State or Bavaria Premium if you have been disappointed by the Brews on offer from Brazil.
    Nothing from Japan ? look out for Hitachino and if that is too small although they sell it in the UK the commercial brands of Kirin is good and finally God lager from Sweden.
    Perhaps you should do the 30 worst beers

  37. i think you missed the Heinken .please drink and think over and over again

  38. OMG! Can’t believe you missed little Lithuania who is mighty in beers. Their top commercial sellers are Švyturys ekstra and baltas, and Utenos. Give ’em a try when you get a chance.

  39. I agree tusker is amongst the best beers world wide

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