Madagascar’s Limestone Labyrinth

I don’t normally do posts like this but this trip is so cool (and I am very jealous) that I had to do a quick blurb about it. I also want to support a couple of my friends and fellow Kensington Tours Explorers in Residence as they attempt the first ever expedition to the remote unexplored northern section of the Strict Nature Reserve of Madagascar’s Great Tsingy.
Lemur, Madagascar
The expedition will be led by my buddy and ultra marathon badass, Simon Donato. In addition, two other Kensington Tours Explorers in Residence will join Simon. George Kourounis, a great guy and host of The Discovery Network’s Angry Planet series and Travis Steffens a renowned primatologist who studies the biogeography of lemurs in Madagascar. Rounding up the 14 person the team are an engineer, climbing experts, a former US Army ranger, a communication specialist, Malagasy Park officials and a local Kensington Tours guide.
Starting October 1st, this highly skilled team of explorers and scientists will trek, climb and crawl through the UNESCO World Heritage Site to document the secrets of 100 miles of the region’s labyrinths of sharp rocks, towering cliffs, endangered creatures and deep caves.
This ground-breaking expedition named 100 Miles of Wild: Madagascar’s Limestone Labyrinth, will showcase one of Africa’s final frontiers. The expedition has multiple goals; to expand the knowledge of lemur distribution within the park to estimate population numbers; to identify diversity and potential new species; to locate Jurassic period dinosaur mega tracks that are believed to exist in the area; to conduct preliminary investigation into an unexplored system of caverns and caves; and to create a detailed map with accompanying photos and video in order to share their findings with the rest of the world.
Madagascar Sign
Madagascar is one of the main countries in the world I cannot wait to get back to and explore more and I wish this distinguished team all the luck in the world for a safe and successful trip!

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Disclaimer: I am a paid Explorer in Residence by Kensington Tours.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this part of Madagascar but I want to go there immediately and join this trip. Sounds amazing!

  2. Wow this sounds really incredible. I want to see a dinosaur mega track.

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