Mexicana to Join One World Alliance

After all of the recent airline turmoil especially among American Airlines, a charter member of the one world alliance, they finally have some good news. It was just announced that Mexicana will be joining the alliance as a full member in 2009. This will expand the alliances network by 24 destinations within Mexico and several others scattered around North America.

The alliance has changed a lot in the past year or so with the addition of Royal Jordanian, Malev and Japan Airlines with several other subsidiary airlines joining, including Dragonair. The addition of Mexicana will cement One World as the leading airline alliance to Latin America and it still remains the only major alliance to have a charter member be based in South America with Lan Chile.

For me, this is good news, not that I feel the need to go to Mexico any time soon but because it gives more options and choices of how and where to spend the miles accrued over the years with the One World Alliance.

Additionally, if you do happen to fly American Airlines a lot…they are offering double elite qualifying miles on flights between now and mid June. This is a tremendous offer to requalify for next year or to qualify this year for elite status on American. You can sign up at their website. This is the first time I have ever seen an offer like this and I assume it’s a make nice offer after the debacle of last week. It’s about time they actually did something for the customer.

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  1. It doesnt matter bc who wants to fly to those little cities in mexico anyway

  2. well it changes a lot for local trade

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