Laundry in Bombay

If you want your laundry done in Bombay, this is where it can get done. For just pennies, your dirty laundry can get washed in dirty, stinky, filthy water so it can actually come out looking even dirtier and smellier than it was before. The washers will step barefoot into the laundry holes and wash your clothes while they stand in the water contributing to the filth with any germs and whatnot they may have on their feet.

The funny thing to me is that I took a city tour kind of thing in Bombay and this was one of their main tourist attractions. I understand that it’s probably unique and this is how it’s actually done but who wants to see that especially if you are sending your favorite shirts out to get laundered. I thought it was interesting but I made a mental note to wait to wash clothes until I got out of India!

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  1. Vipul Desai says

    Not everybody has their laundry done in that way…we do have washing machines

  2. I’ve heard there are washing machines in India, haha…I was just making a point about certain cultural differences. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Laundry is done this way when you pay Rs1-5 for a piece of cloth. Want it to be ironed and room service as well. There are laundries which charge decent money and they provide decent service.

    I explored few sections of your blog. Disappointed to say that you failed to cover entire India experience. India is land of diversity. From rich to poor.. extreme good to extreme bad. You failed to highlight even one good thing about Mumbai or for tat matter anything India. All you highlighted was poor India or bad India. I understand that poor India is easy to market.

  4. Yougal Tak says

    Hi Lee, I have just come across your website, though some post of top 10 best and worst city to visit by a guy (that’s you) who has travelled almost all the cities listed by UN. I felt bombed as soon as I read that and felt a jealous wave as my first reaction and “wow” as the second. Amazing stuff with amazing luck, I would say, as there are billions of people out there, who don’t have this opportunity to visit their own country in their whole life time.
    The website is amazingly informative and the pictures section is awesome. Good luck to you and you just got one more admirer in the list of millions others who are following you for travel.

  5. ashutosh says

    Hello lee , i like your blogs , but this one and the one on delhi were disappointing. If you had noticed only this aspect of mumbai , or have chosen to write on only this part of your mumbai experience , i am sorry to say , but you are unfair . Yes , Mumbai , Bombay in ur lingo , is crowded , hot and humid , dirty with tons of indian favellas , still it has its own charm , the atmosphere of Mumbai is so lively , a dullest person on the earth would rise up and gladden …. as far as your delhi blog is concerned , i would like you to visit luytene’s delhi once …. paharganj and it together form an experience of new delhi.

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