Komodo Island: Land of Dragons

I’ve long wanted to visit Komodo Island and see the Komodo Dragons for myself in the flesh. Each prior time I’ve been to Bali, I just couldn’t work it out time wise. Getting to Komodo Island is no simple task either. You need to dedicate at least 2 days flying to a neighboring island from Bali then a boat from there or the easiest way and the way I did it today was via cruise on the Azamara Quest.
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia, Azamara Quest anchored
This was my first stop after setting sail from Bali. This is my third time in the past 1.5 years cruising with Azamara and second time in 5 months cruising on the Azamara Quest. I also sailed on the Azamara Journey in late 2013 around the Mediterranean. Komodo Island was one of the main reasons I chose to go on this particular cruise-it did not disappoint!
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia, jungle, hike
After tendering from the cruise ship to the beaches of Komodo Island, I set out with a small group from the ship in search of seeing Komodo Dragons. After about a mile or so of walking they were right in front of us. It was so exciting!
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia
Komodo Dragons are massive. They are about 10 feet long, 2 feet high and they weigh about 200 pounds and can run up to 11 miles per hour. Not to mention they are carnivorous and cannibalistic!
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia
They have been known to attack humans and even if a human is lucky enough to escape the dragons clutches; a bite can result in death in 24 hours due to the lethal venom it releases from its razor sharp teeth. So you need to be careful and listen to your guides!
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia
Being around the Komodo Dragons is really exciting and unnerving at the same time. You want desperately to get close to them and take their picture but you also need to be mindful of how close you’re getting, as they will kill you!
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia
So I brought two cameras and recommend others to do the same. I brought my iPhone 5s that I always use and also brought a high zoom Nikon D5100 to zoom in from a distance.
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia
When the Komodo Dragons move everyone has to move with them and keep a distance. The guides will lure them in certain directions away from the crowd of people. You want to refrain from sudden movements as the dragons have poor vision but see rapid motion and respond to it.
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia
You are instructed to run diagonally if chased by a dragon. Additionally, women who are menstruating are requested not to go because Komodo Dragons can apparently smell blood from 11 miles away. I have no idea how they know that but that’s what we were told by the guides!
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia, guide, stick
The guides are very important when visiting Komodo Island to see the Komodo Dragons. You cannot enter Komodo National Park without one and you wouldn’t want to screw around in the park with dragons everywhere! The guide has medicine in case of a bite and also they carry Y-shaped sticks to push the dragons away if necessary. I never felt in danger at all and had no worries. My guide was pretty cool!
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia, kids playing
The other thing about Komodo Island that I love is the local kids. Around the pier they are everywhere entertaining you with their acrobatics in the water and helping their families out selling souvenirs. You gotta love the zest for life in kids and I just sat there taking photos and playing with the kids for an hour.
Komodo Island, Komodo Dragon, Indonesia, kids
Komodo Island is a definite visit if you have an opportunity and well worth a short trip over from Bali. There are also some really cool beaches and the whole island looks like it’s from a scene out of “Lost”. It is pretty much exactly what you want from Southeast Asia. It is beautiful, tropical, a little dangerous, undeveloped and full of nice people. Komodo Island and the Komodo Dragons are an experience you won’t forget!

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  1. Great pictures! I’ve always been fascinated with Komodo and hope to go some day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ahmed Sofyan says

    Interesting post. Komodo Dragon is one of the protected wild animals. do not try to interact directly with these animals. because you can get hurt. Komodo Dragon is one of the animals that exist only on Komodo Island. And this is a very exotic tourist locations. I really want to visit tourist sites. With its unique habitats such as the Komodo Dragon and exotic natural surroundings, visit the island of Komodo as an adventure into the lost world. nice post. thanks.

  3. I just visited Komodo Island a few days ago. It was awesome. I like your website. I stopped in Lubuan Bajo Flores and then did a 3 day tour with a local tour company that also took me scuba diving with the Mantas which was majestic. The tour company also arranged camping on a private beach which was so beautiful at night. It was a great way to experience that part of Indonesia. I would love to visit Raj Ampat as well but it is not a great time of year right now due to high winds. Have you been to Raj Ampat? Any advice for that location?

    • thanks Marlene, I a trying to go to Komodo island in early April. If you don’t mind, can you give me tour company which can bring me from Labuan Bajo to Komodo island. It will be very helpful as I am coming from Malaysia

  4. Great photos! I was here in July and loved it!! xx

  5. Komodo is amazing right, that’s the largest lizard in the world there are only in Komodo national park. How long you trip in Komodo national park ? are you want to visit in komodo again ? there are pink beach with snorkling and diving site there. when you want to visit again you can stay at Komodo Resort, that’s is resort with excelent service that will make you comfort.

  6. One of the wonders of this world is indeed very fascinating. Imagine this as we feel what’s happening in the jurassic park. Even dragons often appear in international big screen films. so what are you waiting for ? You who have not to miss the atmosphere of being on prehistoric island. Especially the location of the island which is also close to Bali. Can also vacation in seminyak. Took a 1 bedroom villa at our place, spent time with a couple in a private pool. Let’s visit Komodo island and visit our website!

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