Leaving Paradise in Bali

I’m really going to miss Bali. What a great place to hang out and relax in for a week or so. There is so much to do it could keep you busy forever. Or you could do absolutely nothing at all and love it. There are many different areas of the island that you could stay in and visit and the accomodation choices run from ultra budget dodgy places to the best of the best resorts. I only wish I had more time here in this paradise that I am thrilled I flew 24 hours to get to. I can’t wait to come back because there is so much more in the surrounding area that I want to see and do.

The next time I come to Bali which I can’t imagine will be too long, I will definitely head over to neighboring Lombok and the Gili Islands. I have heard so much amazing things about the Gilis and Lombok that I feel almost guilty that I didn’t get to them this trip but you can’t do everything-although I do try.

Additionally, I will certainly hit up Borneo; both Indonesian Kalimantan, Malaysian Sabah and Sarawak along with Brunei. Aside from all four of them being TCC countries, I look forward to the jungle tours near Kuching and in Kalimantan. I simply didn’t have the time this trip and I didn’t want to rush it-plus Bali is too good to leave early.

As I sit here waiting for my flight to the polluted and traffic infested Indonesian capital of Jakarta (Obviously I’ve heard wonderful things about it) I am thinking about how much fun Bali was and how wonderful a time I had. Bali is a timeless place that as I said has something for everyone. I have met wonderful and interesting people here. I will always remember the beautiful landscapes of the Le Meridien resort and their amazing breakfast buffet overlooking the Indian Ocean. I will remember fondly my trip up to Ubud for the monkey forest and the tiered rice terraces. Of course I will always take with me the great surfing and craziness of Kuta Beach where people go to act like kids again. So as my bathing suit continues to dry slowly in the air conditioned airport, I am looking forward to the next stages of my trip after Jakarta into China and Central Asia.

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  1. Jakarta ain’t that bad. good eats out there. it aint bali but what is.

  2. Ian, I completely agree-it wasn’t that bad-in fact it was almost good.

  3. The hardest thing about Bali is leaving, yuo just want to go back and never leave.

  4. Hi lee, i’m happy that you have been to jakarta bali and lombok, i just wanna add the information that bali and lombok is a part of indonesian country, i just sad that many people in the world like say i went to bali, instead of indonesia, and doesnt know where indonesia is, i live at jakarta, i’m glad that you enjoy stay in jakarta


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