Loving Bali

Today was one of those days that everyone needs every now and then. Wake up to a nice buffet breakfast sitting outside looking over the Indian Ocean. Then head over to Kuta Beach and surf for a few hours, buy a few things (T-shirts), have a nice lunch and then get a two hour massage for $15 total. That’s right, it really is that cheap here for really good massages. Everything else here is pretty cheap too and it is all good. Bali really is as good as advertised. I can see why people get stuck here for weeks at a time. In fact, I think I am eliminating Borobudur from my itinerary because I just want to hang out here in Bali a little more.

I don’t really have too much more to write about from today because except for taking an island tour it wasn’t too much different than yesterday but even more relaxing and I finally did get a little color and get to do some surfing. Also, I did manage to check out the hotel I am moving to when I get back from East Timor on Friday called the Bounty Hotel-it looks pretty awesome. So I will be going from the luxury of the Le Meridien to backpackers in paradise-should be fun and it totally reminds me of the Christabelle in Ayia Napa, Cyprus…some of you will know what I mean.

Tomorrow morning I jet off for Dili, East Timor or Timor-Leste as they like to call it in Portuguese. It should be interesting and it is just going to be a short overnight hop to do some snorkeling and maybe some diving if it’s as good as they say it is. I am really curious to see what it’s like over there. Anytime it’s reported on the news it’s always for something bad. However, they have had peace since 2006 and hopefully for at least a few more days!

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  1. Bali sounds brilliant, I am jealous and fancy a trip out there asap!

  2. good analogy, Bounty is certainly a nicer spot though…. in all ways

  3. dave romanyk says

    Hey Lee,

    Glad to see you enjoying Bali so much. Im curious to know what airline are you flying with to East Timor and if you know of any others that fly there from Australia or Jakarta for example. Im thinking of going myself in October so looking forward to the trip report.

    Have fun mate!

  4. If you’re going to skip Borobodur (and I realize its a trek), and you want to see a nice, albeit smaller but more scenic, temple, you may want to visit Tanah Lot, constructed on an offshore island that can be reached in low tide. To reach it, you’ll have to navigate a gauntlet of touristy shops, but its worthwhile, especially at sunset, when its particularly photogenic.

  5. Hey Lee, you weren’t kidding about your travels-great site, nice meeting you and have fun in Timor…hopefully we will see you surfing on Friday back in Bali, cheers!

  6. Dave, as I mentioned in my east Timor post-if you come from Bali-the only airline is Merpati-their website doesn’t book btw so you’ll have to use a travel agent unless they get that sorted out…I’m not sure if it’s the same from Darwin but you can just google it to see or Wikipedia dili airport and it tells you all the airlines that fly here

  7. I am from Indonesia and I’m so proud of my country..:]
    I couldn’t more proud than this because you already visit my country and write down great adventure from Indonesia..

    Big Thanx..^^

  8. Thanks Depht and I love Indonesia as well and look forward to coming back, hopefully thins fall/winter!

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