Great Time to Travel to Australia

I remember back to late 2002 when I first planned to go down under and travel to Australia, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to realize my lifelong dream to travel to Australia. That trip to Australia was a game changer for me. I spent some 9 months in Oz that trip and have been back 9 times since. I’ve been to every state and every major island in Australia and I still can’t wait to go back because Australia is that great a place to visit.

bulldog, Melbourne, Australia Day

Awesome bulldog decked out for Australia Day on the streets of Melbourne!

The major issues with visiting Australia for most people are always the distance and the price. I’ve got news for you; unless there’s some major tectonic plate movement, Australia is not getting any closer. However, flying a great airline like Air New Zealand makes it feel a lot closer.
Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is one of my favorite airlines in the world!

Plus, Air New Zealand is now offering a limited time special of $1398 for Americans leaving from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Honolulu to any of six fantastic Australian gateways. As a star alliance partner, Americans can easily connect to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and Coolangatta (The Gold Coast) via Auckland, New Zealand! If you’re not sure which destination you should choose, this helpful infographic will let you explore the Australia gateways by your travel type including food, adventure and nature.

If you’re flying down under from Canada, you can fly the same deal from Vancouver for $1598! From both the US and Canada, travel must be purchased by September 14 and take place between Oct. 18-Nov. 25, 2014 or Feb. 1 – Jun. 8, 2015.
Mount Kosciuszko, Australia, seven summits, Lee Abbamonte

Standing on the roof of Australia atop Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak and one of the seven summits.

One of my favorite sayings is “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. This is so often true in travel, especially with a destination like Australia. Many people say I’ll get there some day. Some day will never come unless you make it happen. So make it happen and take advantage of this deal and a pretty good exchange rate to the US Dollar these days.
Lee Abbamonte, wallaby, Tasmania, Australia

I’m feeding a wallaby in Tasmania

Nobody in the whole history of the world has ever gone to Australia and said they regretted it. It’s the ultimate bucket list destination to many people. Australia has all the comforts of home with about 7% of the population of the United States so you really feel like you have some room to breathe.
Emily Bay Beach, Norfolk Island, Asutralia

Beautiful Emily Bay on seldom visited Norfolk Island

So go experience what Australia has to offer because there’s no better time than the present!
Lord Howe Island, Kim's Lookout, Australia

View of the world’s best island, Lord Howe Island, from Kim’s Lookout!

Disclaimer: I am obviously a huge advocate of Australia but I was paid to write this post as part of a larger deal with Tourism Australia and Air New Zealand. However, everything I have said, I believe to be true and was written by me.

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  1. OMG that bulldog is so cute all dressed up! I want to go to Australia just to find him!!!

  2. I wish I could just quit my job and move to Oz! That was the best trip of my life back in 2006. I still think about it everyday.

  3. This gave me the kick I needed! It’s all happening as soon as possible. The difficulty has been finding enough time off from my day job. This deal is a little too good to pass up though.

  4. I always get jealous when I see a non-Aussie see so much of Australia and places I haven’t been to yet. I live in the US now and I don’t think its being partial saying my country is one of the greatest places in the world (Australia). Thank you for your fabulous website and interesting articles and facts about your travel. I wanted to know do you do all the usual tourists spots in the countries you go to? and what amount of time do you spend in a place/country before you deem it long enough to add to the list of visited places? I am fascinated with your travel destinations and I enjoy you give a ‘real’ look at them instead of a boring ‘magazine type’ editorial. Thanks!!

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