My Upcoming Trip to Australia

I am beyond excited about my upcoming trip to Australia. I was asked a few months ago to be a part of a project that Tourism Australia is working on and be a #Corozpondent. Over the next few weeks you will see Tweets from my Twitter account and Facebook fan page status’s where I use the hash tag #Corozpondent. This is the influencer hash tag that Tourism Australia has asked me to use and the name of the program.
Tourism Australia logo
Tourism Australia asked me what I wanted to do in Australia and basically gave me free reign over my itinerary. I based it over what I want to do in the country and what I haven’t already done in my many visits to Australia.
map of australia
I have been financially compensated for my upcoming trip to Australia and Tourism Australia and their tourism partners are paying for my whole trip as well. Pretty good deal, huh?! Here is a brief overview of my trip and what you can expect to see from me on my site and social media channels in the next few weeks.
Melbourne skyline
On Tuesday I fly to Melbourne with Virgin Australia where I will spend 5 days. I am beyond excited to get to see the men’s semifinal and final of the Australian Open tennis tournament. I will also be seeing the women’s final as well. While I have been to Rod Laver before, this will be my first time seeing the Australian Open live and it will mark my career tennis Grand Slam, if you will. Meaning I will have been to all four tennis grand slam tournaments.
Australian Open Logo
I will also be doing some tours and other activities around Melbourne including a bike tour and getting reacquainted with a city that I haven’t been to since 2003 when I spent a week there. I will be trying out some trendy restaurants as well which I have heard are very good. I really cannot wait to get started!
Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia
I fly from Melbourne to Perth, Western Australia. Perth is one of my favorite cities in Australia and this will be my 4th time there. I look forward to seeing and doing new things that have popped up in the past three years since I was last there.
wave rock
From Perth I will be doing a road trip around the southern part of Western Australia. My first stop will be Hyden to see Wave Rock and then further along to Esperance to see some of Australia’s great national parks. Other stops include Albany and Yallingup before I head back to Perth to fly to Canberra.
I am excited to check out Canberra and then drive out to Thredbo for a two-night adventure that includes climbing Mt Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia. I am very excited about this as it will be my second of the “7 summits”. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa back in 2006 and am mulling over the idea of completing all seven.
BridgeClimb, Sydney Opera House
After driving back to Canberra, I catch a flight to Sydney for two nights in one of my favorite cities on Earth. I am very much looking forward to being back in Sydney, seeing friends and staying at the QT Sydney Hotel again. I stayed there last year and I can’t wait to be there again.
Sydney Skyline, Australia
So this is just a very brief overview of what I will be up to for my upcoming trip to Australia. I am very excited to have you join me on my journey and excited and honored to work with Tourism Australia. I designed this trip myself and designed it for sports and adventure; my two favorite things!

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  1. Sometimes it can be really frustrating being your fan! I would kill to have your job!

  2. Hey Lee – Are you doing any speaking events or meetups in Melbourne while you’re here? I hope you enjoy Australia!

    • Hi Kat, nothing formal but I was thinking about doing some sort of meetup in Melbourne one of the days I am there. I will post something if I do. I did one in Sydney last year that went really well.

  3. Not coming to Lonely Planets top 10 city (Adelaide!) ???
    Feb & March in Adelaide are the best months – lot of festivals – Lots happening!!

  4. Have a safe trip Lee and I’ll look forward to read all about your experience in Australia, have fun!

  5. I wish you were coming to Gold Coast, it’s perfect here!

  6. Lee, have a wonderful time at the Aussie Open. That is a dream of mine! Go Rafa!

    • Thanks Ajay, although I am a Federer fan but will cheer for whoever plays Rafa! Hoping I can see Fed and Rafa in the semis then winner play Djokovic in the finals…that’d be amazing.

  7. Sounds like a cracker of a trip, Lee

  8. Lee, another amazing trip it looks like. Please post many pictures so us cubicle dwellers can dream and get away from our lives for a bit. Thanks and keep living the dream!

  9. WHat a dream trip, I’ve always wanted to go to the Australian Open. It almost doesn’t even seen real because of the times they show it in the US. And you get the finals, that’s amazing! Enjoy and looking forward to reading about it and seeing pictures!

  10. The 7 summits are a pipe dream of mine as well. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to do 4-5 but then Vinson and Everest with the cost, preparation and time would be tough. What do you think?

    • Lawrence I think you said it best although Denali is a touch technical climb as well but doable for sure and cost wise not near the other two you mentioned. I am sure I could raise the capital in sponsorships to do it, it’s simply a question of desire for me…I would like to do Elbrus and Aconcagua in the next 2 years or so though…those are very doable.

  11. Awesome trip. When in Perth, if you have time, take a day trip by boat out to Rottnest Island. They have cool party boats that go out there too (

    Hope you have time to see the Great Ocean Road again from MEL.

  12. Have an amazing time! For restaurants, I highly recommend Mr Wong’s in Sydney and Hellenic Republic in Melbourne. I just finished a little road trip down the east coast myself (currently in the midst of blogging about it!).

  13. you’re always doing amazing things in amazing places! have a great time!

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