Eleuthera Island, Bahamas

Eleuthera is a tough word to spell and almost as tough to pronounce but don’t hold the tongue twisting against it! Eleuthera is an island of the Bahamas about 50 miles east of Nassau, the capital. It is a pretty long and thin island; about 110 miles long by only a mile wide. Three airports serve the island; Rock Sound, Governor’s Harbour and North Eleuthera-where I flew in and out of via Fort Lauderdale.
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The island has gone through periods of economic boom and failure over the past 40-50 years. Much of that had to do with changes in US tax laws and the new Bahamian nation being formed in 1973; which made for changes in foreign ownership.
Bahamas, Eleuthera, Eleuthra, Pineapple Fields Hotel, Tippy's, Caribbean, island, cave, hotel, travel
Celebrities and the wealthy elite used to vacation and frequent Eleuthera. Robert De Niro and the Prince and Princess of Wales were just a few. To keep with that theme of celebrities on Eleuthera, we actually had dinner at the same restaurant as Cee-Lo Green who was in Eleuthera for a month to record his new album.
Bahamas, Eleuthera, Eleuthra, Pineapple Fields Hotel, Tippy's, Caribbean, island, hotel, travel
Tippy’s restaurant was where we ate both lunch and dinner on our short 24-hour stay on Eleuthera. The short time on island was due to my plane down from New York depressurizing and having to make an emergency landing in Charleston-thereby causing us a 2-day delay in plans.
Bahamas, Eleuthera, Eleuthra, Pineapple Fields Hotel, Tippy's, Caribbean, island, hotel, travel
That aside, Tippy’s restaurant was fabulous and to me it was honestly the highlight of the island. It was packed with people enjoying some cool Caribbean songs by the in-house steel drum band. It is located right on the beach and across the street from the Pineapple Fields Hotel where we all stayed in our own private suites. Having Cee-Lo there probably made it cooler as well (even though we didn’t meet or chat with him).
Bahamas, Eleuthera, Eleuthra, Pineapple Fields Hotel, Tippy's, Caribbean, island, hotel, travel
Today, aside from a few resorts like the Pineapple Fields Hotel and some gorgeous private homes; non-locals know the island mainly for nature. Beautiful beaches line the island. The best beach I saw was right behind Tippy’s where long stretches of powder white sand beach led out onto azure blue water.
Bahamas, Eleuthera, Eleuthra, Pineapple Fields Hotel, Tippy's, Caribbean, island, hotel, travel
Natural attractions include the intriguing Glass Window Bridge, Hatchet Bay caves and Surfer’s Beach in the north part of the island. There is also Ocean Hole and Lighthouse Beach at the south end. You can also take a boat trip!
Bahamas, Glass Window, Eleuthera, Eleuthra, Pineapple Fields Hotel, Tippy's, Caribbean, island, hotel, travel
We chartered a fishing/dive boat from Governor’s Harbour, the main settlement. It was a lot of fun. The weather wasn’t exactly conducive for snorkeling most of the time and water was kind of rough. I am not much of a fisherman but some people in my group did catch some pretty good size fish. The rest of us just chilled out with a cooler of Bahamas finest brews and enjoyed the scenery!
Bahamas, Eleuthera, Eleuthra, Pineapple Fields Hotel, Tippy's, Caribbean, island, hotel, travel
Here’s the thing about Eleuthera. It’s a great place to chill out and relax. If you’re looking for big hotels or crazy nightlife, you’re in the wrong place; you should be in Nassau if that’s your cup of tea. Eleuthera is an island to get back to nature and experience the Bahamas the way it once was. Have a look; I bet you’ll like it!
Bahamas, Eleuthera, Caribbean, Eleuthra, boat, island, travel, snorkeling
Disclaimer: This trip to the Bahamas was sponsored by Bahamas Tourism. I received no financial compensation for the visit, this article or any social media posts. All opinions expressed here are solely my own and have not been influenced in any way

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  1. Looks like a brilliant place Lee but aren’t you in Australia right now?

  2. I want to go right on that beach and listen to a steel drum band with a drink in my hand and a bathing suit on. Chicago weather SUCKS!

  3. Like the good old days when the Bahamas was a hot bed for drug running!

  4. Just saw you on TV, you were great! Bahamas look great too!

  5. Why did you stop including the disclaimer alerting us that you’re trip was paid for by a third party? Isn’t that why your FB page has turned into a portfolio of hotel photos and name dropping hotels? Your change is transparent to those of us used find your posts interesting.

    • Hey Richie and thanks for the honest comment, I completely forgot on this one and thanks for reminding me on this article for the disclaimer; which I added. On the Facebook page, I mention the hotel names I stay at often because I find that it’s part of my travel often times and hotels are cool. Sometimes they will provide me with comped nights, sometimes not, but I am not compelled or obligated to share pictures or status updates unless I feel they are warranted and contribute something. While you may say it’s transparent, it is because people find that stuff interesting, especially the pictures. It’s not like I don’t post on other things or talk about my trips either. Thanks again!

  6. Great interview buddy, you looked and sounded great!

  7. Thanks, Richie. We enjoyed the article and posted a link to it on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/EleutheraMap.

  8. I lived in rock sound Eleuthera in the 60’s I worked at the cotton bay club
    Eleuthera was booming then, very lively the Rock Sound Club and French
    Leave were very popular a lot going on then. My Dad ran the canning
    Factory in Rock sound. When the laws changed they could only hire
    There people I moved back to the states, my Dad was killed in a auto accident on
    Eleuthera and I have never been back. Some day I still think I would like
    To visit again.

  9. Hi Lee,
    Eleuthera was one of my favorite Club Med locations. Went there twice when my son ws little. The most amazing fine pink sand!

  10. Lee,
    Great to see positive things written about Eleuthera ! I have been there many times and love the place. There are a couple of things to add to your story that I believe you left out. Number one thing about Eleuthera are the people that live there, warm, friendly and engaging. The other is the short boat ferry ride across Ramora Bay to Harbour Island the jewel of the Bahamas. Briland as the locals call it was the orginal capital of the Bahamas known back then as Dunmore Town. Harbour Island is my favorite vacation spot is known as the island of friendly people, visit there and you’ll see how it earned it’s name !

  11. Triptease says

    We love the sound of this island and the Pineapple Fields Hotel. From London, we’re wishing we were there!

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