Bonjour Paris!

Alas, I start blogging my trips again after a nearly 2 month homestay if you will and I come to you currently from Corsica having just left Paris yesterday morning. I will have more from Corsica, hopefully tomorrow, when I get to Sardinia as the connection here isn’t very good surprisingly but it is gorgeous. However, after 3 days of eating my way through Paris and hitting up some of my favorite places in the City of Lights, I wanted to write a little about my 12th trip to Paris. When you’ve been Paris as much as I have, there isn’t much sightseeing I am interested in, it is more about causal strolling and getting to see those things you’ve always meant to see but never made it…however, let’s be serious, it’s about enjoying the gastronomic delights of Paris.

I did manage to make it to all my favorite sights to do a walk-by and the new one I checked out was the Petit Palais. It has a gorgeous courtyard and lovely art that includes works by Renoir among others and is right near Place du Concorde and the Louvre. Other than that I hit up my favorite spot in Paris, the Sacre Coeur and the best view of the city as well as the great little artsy restaurants in town just beside it on Montmarte. This time I was at Chez Eugene for some killer mussels and fries.
However, the best restaurant I went to was and always will be my favorite; L’entrecote…just beside my hotel in Porte Maillot near Etoile and the Arc de Triumphe. The meat is divine, the fries and wine accompanying are awesome as well. The service is perfectly French and the whole experience is just awesome. If you’ve never been, it’s a must on your next trip.
Aside from street eats and endless nutella crepes and baguettes, I also tried a new place on the recommendation of my buddy Francisco who used to live in Paris called Comptoir de la Gastronomie in the Les Halles area. It was awesome and very affordable. I also met up with my buddy Alex there who is studying outside the city. So I was happy to be able to catch up with him and give him some recommendations of the city as it was his first time in Europe.
I am going to keep this short because Corsica is amazing and I am awaiting my scooter rental to get to the hotel so I can head to the beaches about 7km from Porte Vecchio where I am right now. I was in Ajaccio last night and will wrote more about that tomorrow. I have posted at least 3 or 4 times about Paris in the past so you get the point. I love the city, it may be my favorite in the world. Any city that has food so good that even Hemingway liked it, is cool in my book. And if you do like Hemingway and want to check out his bar in the Hotel Ritz (above), try the Serendipity…it’s the house special. It’ll cost you 30 euros but the atmosphere and the olives they give you make it truly worthwhile! And for the record, I got 2 compliments on my French! The people clearly were smoking crack or something but it made me happy!

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  1. Glad you’re enjoying your trip. I see Corsica and Sardinia are the last TCC places on the Europe ‘mainland’ for you to visit (besides some far-flung islands scattered up around the Arctic), so great job with that, too. Look forward to your reports and have fun.

  2. The Hemingway Bar is a marvelous spot in Paris.

  3. Paris is also my favourite city followed by Santorini 🙂 I love reading all your travels 🙂

    Marj from: Fashion Travel | Fashion Girl

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