Cycling in Snowdonia

Cycling in Snowdonia: that just sounds like an awesome place to cycle or mountain bike. Sure enough-it is! Snowdonia National Park in North Wales is a beautiful piece of the world and a seldom-visited area of Great Britain-at least by mainstream tourists. Truthfully, cycling in Snowdonia in March (when I did it) requires some cooperation from the weather but a little inclement weather makes the name Snowdonia more apropos!
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Hiring a mountain bike at Beics Betws was easy in the small adventure village of Betws y Coed. From town it’s a good 25km up into the hills on the Marin Route in the Gwydir Forest.
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It’s a scenic, albeit not too challenging route to give you a feel of cycling in Snowdonia but for a beginner level. You can take other trails or take more difficult routes but this is the main route and the route that my group took.
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Although I did love cycling in Snowdonia, one of the disadvantages of going in a group is that you have to take others levels into account. While I am a very good biker/cyclist; not all people are. So for me, the ride was nice but not challenging and in fact frustrating at times. I would have much preferred it if I could have just gone on my own or with others at a high level.
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That said, it was still a very nice ride and the views couldn’t be beat. I wouldn’t want to be the sacrificial lamb so to speak but to go to Wales and miss cycling in Snowdonia National Park would be a travesty.
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North Wales has lots of cool adventures but cycling in Snowdonia is right at the top. Check it out for sure-just make sure you are comfortable with the route and with the level of the people you are riding with.

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  1. Biking is always fun; never really thought about doing it in Wales but will keep it in mind.

  2. Peter Thomas says

    Never get a chance to go biking while traveling but the idea is fun! I might try it one time. I can see you had a great time!

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