Força Barça!!!

When I rank my favorite cities on Earth, Barcelona is always at the top of the list. What other city in the Northern Hemisphere combines the beauty, history, food, nightlife and beaches that Barca does? It is also the home of the newly crowned European Champions, FC Barcelona, who rocked Manchester United last week 2-0 and completed their league, cup and Champions League trebel sweep. We are staying for free in an amazing suite above storied Las Ramblas (see the view out our balcony window below) at the Le Meridien complements of Starwood Preferred Guest and it is a lot of fun. The vibe in this city is second to none and it’s a fast paced and exciting place to be and today it was the place where I watched Roger Federer finally win at Roland Garros and complete his career grand slam!

It’s always a treat to be here in Barcelona and this is my fifth time here and first since 2005 when my friend Mike was doing his MBA here and I visited. Now his old roomate Alberto is here and we met up last night for some dinner and cocktails. Barcelona is always a great place to go out but the only problem is that it’s the only place in Western Europe where they still allow smoking in bars and clubs so it makes your (at least mine) eyes burn and drives me nuts as I hate smoking with a passion.

This trip here has been really laid back and just causally strolling around for the last few days and seeing the sights and the shops of Barcelona. We saw the Sagrada Familia and it’s perpetually unending work that they claim will have it done by 2026. I mean really, 2026? They can’t finish Gaudi’s supposed masterpiece before then? Anyway, it’s still cool to see but those cranes have seriously been there since the Olympics in 1992!

Las Ramblas is still one of the best streets to stroll down and see all the street performers, etc. I have always and will always love doing that as there is nowhere on Earth quite like it. We are about to head out for some Sangria which is also amazing in Barcelona along with tapas of course. Patatas bravas are still my favorite but throw any kind of spicy meat on a little piece of bread and I am happy!
Off to Madrid tomorrow…

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  1. What’s up Lee. Cool to see your living it up again.You should meet up with Jorge Sanchez if you have time, he’s got awesome stories and had wanted to meet you, he lives right outside of BCN. Have fun dude.

  2. Funny, I actually was in touch with him but he is out of town in Trans Dniester. Lovely place…haha

  3. tucker max says

    read my book! youll love it

  4. I read it…it was pretty funny but I call BS on several stories

  5. Tucker, that book was filthy, disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. I didn’t read it as I don’t read trash but I’ve heard about it. I hope your mother reads it and see’s what a jerk of a son she raised.

  6. Hello, what does Forca mean in English? Thanks.

  7. Força, Forza, or any variation generally means ‘Go!’ or ‘Strength’. Hard to translate exactly but hopefully that gives you an idea of the intent. basically a positive message of support for whatever.

  8. Since you wrote this article in the summer of 2009 and had a problem with the smoky bars, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that since Jan. 2011 Spain now has a complete ban on indoor smoking. Now it is prohibited to smoke in any enclosed spaces including bars, restaurants and clubs. So its nice to know they finally joined the rest of western Europe on this.

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